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Live Art Critique: Utpreksha Chipkar

Utpreksha Chipkar
Subconscious, Windows in My Mind, Dream World

20″ x 16,” 48″ x 36,” 36″ x 30″


Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement

“I am currently studying in BFA final year in Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai, India. I work in gouache, poster colors, watercolors or acrylic colors as water based colors are very convenient and variety of effects can be achieved with them.

I don’t usually plan my work in advance but directly start drawing on canvas as I want to bring out my subconscious. I believe that painting is like meditation and we get different experiences in each session.

All these are class assignments for my final year BFA degree but are made without guidance.

In my opinion, art is an expression of our understanding of the things we see around us. Everything we see gets stored in mind consciously or subconsciously. Making art is re-presenting these observations on a surface. As others can’t read our mind or have our vision, medium helps us show them. Even when we see the world, we can’t remove the things we don’t want; art can do that. Art is dreaming. In my art, I let myself dream.”

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