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Vivian Kong
High School Student

Art School Admissions Portfolio


Alex Rowe, Illustrator & Children's Book Artist

Alex Rowe
Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

Artist Statement
“I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. It has always dominated my life and been my passion. For me, art provides a gateway to freedom and expression.

Through any form of art, there is a deep layer of understanding between the artist and the audience or viewer. This opportunity for connection inspires me to generate that layer of unique understanding by creating art in a variety of forms. The complex messages that could only be sent visually motivates me to keep creating through a variety of media.

My overall creative process and intentions changed when I had my ‘artistic awakening’ (to quote myself) at a summer pre-college program where my attitude towards art, teamwork, and art education completely changed. There, I realized the elasticity the term ‘art’ provides, having very little boundaries for what qualifies as ‘art.’ That caused me to stop trying to think too hard about the “meaning” of the piece, but allow the piece to communicate something that words are unable to.

I generally have a loose idea of what I want my piece to be in terms of meaning and style, and develop the piece as I go.  In the long term, I hope to go to art school and pursue a career in animation, but whatever school I go to or what kind of career I may have is undetermined.”

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