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Xavier Abreu

Xavier Abreu
A Clear Delineation Between Intimacy and Sex

digital, graphite, watercolor marker
dimensions variable


Xavier’s critique begins at 27:01 min.

Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Artist Statement

“I’ve grew interested in visual art through design around fall of 2017, and have since began exploring different mediums. I and studying fashion design and intend on pursuing a career in the creative industry. This piece came about through me perseverating on my disinterest in sex, and me seeking something more meaningful. I appropriated the abstraction of Karolina Kundzics and Torey Thornton to put the male figures in a fictional scene of disillusion.”

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Mixed Media Drawing, Xavier Abreu

Artists, artworks & books mentioned in the critique

Frank Miller‘s Sin City, Barry Moser, Pietro Perugino‘s fresco The Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter, Aubrey Beardsley, Giovanni Battista Piranesi‘s suite of etchings The Prisons, Sue Coe.

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