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Anjali Shankar

Painting Student

Video Transcript

“I’m Anjali, and I’m an art student at the Maryland Institute College of Art. My dad knew that I wanted to be an artist long before I did. I was about 10 years old, and we were moving to France, and I was sitting next to my dad on the plane. I was just sketching, doing my own thing, and after a little bit he looks over, and was like: ‘Oh, did you draw that yourself,’ And I said, ‘yeah.’

And I was drawing these little lizards and dragons. He says, ‘Can I show this to your mom,’ And I’m like, ‘okay sure.’  My dad was basically like, ‘She’s really good, like–we should foster this!’

I love oil painting. I really like sculpture, and I really like installation work. I’m trying to explore other media too, but those are my main interests.

I’m a very flippy-floppy painter. Sometimes, I’ll make something really refined; other times I’ll make something really abstract. I think I’m just kind of…trying to find myself. I want to be more certain about the career path that I’m on.

No one really teaches you how to be an artist; you just learn as you go, and of course there’s a lot of failure that comes with that, and that’s okay. I think I just want to gain the confidence to be okay.”

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