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Janice Chun

Animator, Storyboarder, Writer

Video Transcript

“Hi my name is Janice, and I’m an animator, storyboarder, and writer. Technically, I started off wanting to be an engineer. I wanted to work for NASA and make awesome spaceships and explore space.

But what I realized was I actually love the idea of space more—so two months before my senior year of high school, I was talking with my cousin and I realized a lot of what I enjoy about space is the story telling prospects of space. So in that conversation, I realized ‘Oh My God’, what i wanna do is be an artist! I wanna tell stories, I want to make cartoons, and so I had like, a 360 from engineering into art—and that was quite alright.

A key aspect of my personality and what I bring into art is music. I actually work at college radio and I think that influences a lot of what I do because music can bring, like, such great inspirational base for your art. It can inspire you to make something and also like, funnel a different creative outlet to it. I also think it’s hard, so all my spare time I’m switching between music and animation and trying to find the two.

So then in the future, I want to eat good food, hang with out with friends and be with my family!”

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