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Jeff Katz

College Student


Video Transcript
“Hi, my name is Jeff. I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a first year college student studying illustration and writing.

I first realized I wanted to be an artist in high school. I have been reading a lot of online web comics, and one that particularly grabbed a hold of me was Cucumber Quest by Gigi Digi. It took a lot of tropes, slipped them on their heads– I thought that was fantastic treating what are typically really flat characters as people with emotions and motivations, that was very very exciting for me and it made me realize that I wanted to tell these kind of very specific stories that spoke to me and my childhood.

I’m still interested in webcomics now and comic production, but I’ve expanded my interests of illustration into editorial illustration as well, and kind of one-off pieces that accompany writing. I’m not quite sure what I want to do specifically after I graduate from college.

I definitely want to do some form of storytelling, whether that’s through comics, through just images, through writing, through acting, through music, which are all interests of mine, just some form of storytelling.”

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