Expressive Drawing Premium Track

The Expressive Drawing Premium Track will broaden your repertoire in drawing, pushing you to create drawings that influence the viewer in a more dramatic manner. 

You’ll learn how to create drawings that stimulate a visceral feelings and impact the viewers emotionally. The curriculum we will use is from our Expressive Drawing Track.

Here is your opportunity to work with attention and comprehensive support from Prof Lieu and the Art Prof staff!

Enrollment is currently closed

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Premium Track Features

  • 6 students only, allowing for close guidance & prompt feedback.
  • 1 live voice session each week.
  • Voice sessions are about 60 min., held in our Discord.
  • One-on-one review with Prof Lieu at the end of the track.
  • Access to private channels in our Discord where you’ll get daily support and critiques from Prof Lieu.

Sample Discord Critiques

“Critiques were easy to follow with lots of actionable items to help you along with next steps. If I posted on the Discord boards I receive quick and thoughtful replies from both Lauryn and Prof Lieu.”

Watch a voice session

The best thing about the voice sessions for me was that staff wasn’t afraid to push me! Which is what I need as an artist, so it was very appreciated. I felt like I was getting good constructive feedback that was both helpful and respectful.

I also liked that other class members were encouraged to type their critiques in the chat. I ended up taking a lot of advice from my peers and implementing it into the final pieces.

About our Staff

Prof Lieu has 15 years of teaching studio art at the college level, and was an Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design from 2007-2020. See Prof Lieu’s full CV.

How to Draw Glass in Soft Pastel

Seeing how my classmates approached the prompts was very inspiring and the course was a great environment to try new things and step out of my comfort zone.

I think the most valuable thing for me is that I now have the confidence to call myself an artist, which was something I struggled with before.


Art Supplies

We understand that many people have limited budgets for supplies, so our premium tracks are structured so that you can use any materials you want, within that track’s focus.

The track lessons are designed to use traditional drawing supplies. Several of the prompts are most effective if you are willing to step outside of the typical drawing tool. Experimentation with unusual tools and materials will provide a more enriching experience.

Drawing Media

overview of drawing suppliesballpoint pen/gel pensdip penbrush pen markersCaran d’Ache crayonsgraphite powdercolored pencilsoft pasteloil pastelpencil, charcoalink washscratchboardoil sticks

Experimental Media

watercolor toolsacrylic toolswet charcoalDIY home art supplies

Clara Lieu

Student info

  • Limit 6 students
  • Enrollment is first come, first serve
  • All students are required to join our Discord

Due at Registration

  • Registration form & full tuition


  • When you submit your registration form, Prof Lieu will send you an email confirmation and a Paypal request for $600 USD.


  • We require 4 students to run the track.
  • We will confirm whether the track is running by the Wednesday after the Friday registration deadline.
  • If the track does not run, you will receive a full refund no later than a week from the Friday registration deadline.


  • All payments are non-refundable if the track runs.
  • There are no refunds for missed voice sessions, or if a student is late to a voice session.
  • We only issue refunds if the course does not run due to lack of enrollment.


Art Prof Scholarships

If we have extra spaces in a premium track after registration closes, we will open up the opportunity the apply for an Art Prof Scholarship, which is a chance to enroll in a premium track for free.

Please do not apply if you are not able to fully commit 100% to the premium track if you are selected for the scholarship. Check all the voice session dates, logistics and confirm that you can be available.

We don’t want to see an opportunity like this wasted, when there are so many people who would benefit.

We cannot make any guarantees that any scholarships will become available, it all depends on whether there are spaces after registration closes.

Scholarship Notifications

To receive notifications of when scholarships are available, please join our Discord server, or sign up for our email list.

Scholarship Applications

You’ll be asked to provide 2 essays via a Google form. Minimum 500 words, maximum 200 words.

  • Essay 1: Talk about your journey and background as an artist, how has it impacted our life, why is it important to you?
  • Essay 2: Explain why you are applying for this scholarship. How will this help you as an artist in the short term and long term? What do you hope to learn and gain from the experience?