Premium Tracks Schedule

Our premium tracks are your opportunity to work with close attention and prompt support from Prof Lieu and the Art Prof staff! We will dedicate ourselves to your progress and really get to know you as artists.

2022 Fall

  • 6 weeks, $600
  • Monday September 26 – Friday November 4
  • Enrollment is closed

Expressive Drawing

Enrollment is closed

Instructor: Prof Lieu

Voice sessions:
Tuesdays @ 12pm EST




Enrollment is closed

Instructor: Prof Lieu

Voice sessions:
Thursdays @ 6:30pm EST



The Color Premium Track involved incredibly close daily back and forth with other participants of the track and of other tracks – inspiring me to try new techniques, presenting new points of view and pointing me into directions I would not have thought of when working alone.

We were able to develop close relationships with the professors, their in-depth critiques encouraged us to go on, to persevere when we hit a snag and to step out of our comfort zone, take on a challenge and experiment


Premium Track Features

  • 6 students only, allowing for thoughtful attention & close guidance.
  • 1 live voice sessions every week with Prof Lieu.
  • 30 min., one-on-one review with Prof Lieu at the end of the track.
  • Access to private channels in our Discord where you’ll get prompt support and critiques from Prof Lieu on weekdays.


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I want to acknowledge Prof Lieu and Alex for creating a space that is supportive, safe, encouraging, honest and respectful. I feel that they were able to meet each of us, where we were, as artists.

Jen K.
Lectures & Training, Clara Lieu


I am grateful for Lauryn and Prof Lieu during the MFA Portfolios Track for recommending some great artists that I could relate my work to and all the critique I got from both of them was really helpful.

They even suggested me how I could make thing better or explore some new techniques in the same medium, which is a positive thing.

Art Prof Scholarships

Our scholarships are a chance for people to apply to enroll in a premium track for free.

We cannot make any guarantees that any scholarships will become available, it all depends on whether there are spaces after registration closes.

Please do not apply if you are not able to fully commit 100% to the premium track if you are selected for the scholarship. Check all the voice session dates, logistics and confirm that you can be available.

We don’t want to see an opportunity like this wasted, when there are so many people who would benefit.

Scholarship Notifications

To receive notifications of when scholarships are available, please join our Discord server, or sign up for our email list.

Scholarship Applications

You’ll need to provide 2 essays via a Google form. Minimum 500 words, maximum 200 words.

  • Essay 1: Talk about your journey and background as an artist, how has it impacted our life, why is it important to you?
  • Essay 2: Explain why you are applying for this scholarship. How will this help you as an artist in the short term and long term? What do you hope to learn and gain from the experience?