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Artist Instagram Critique: Albert Gonzales

00:15 Instagram handle
01:56 Wording in Instagram profile text
05:21 Remove unnecessary text
07:54 Written text in captions

09:03 Photos which aren’t directly related
12:54 Critiquing a video
16:47 Cropping photos to focus
19:55 Critiquing a video

23:12 Photos that are out of place
24:53 Number of hashtags
25:54 Posting a survey link on Instagram
27:38 Show more of your art materials

Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

“With no prior art or business training I quit my job in October 2014 to pursue my dream of becoming a professional artist. Soon after I found myself homeless, through this situation I stayed focused and slowly but surely started selling more art.

In my practice, I primarily use acrylic but I use all different types of materials in artwork.  Through my Instagram I focus on trying to reach a wide range of audiences, primarily buyers, since I’m not represented by an sty gallery. I do try and reach anyone who can possibly lead to opportunities to show or sell art.

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