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Artist Website Critique: Monika Hedman

Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor

Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

“I am a junior in college, so much of my creative process now revolves around requirements for my classes. But, when I do have more freedom over what I’m doing, I have a very specific set of steps I follow.

I work primarily in gouache, and for that kind of work, I start with a sketch on tracing paper. I then make a more finalized sketch on a new piece of tracing paper that excludes guiding lines and information I don’t want to include in the final. I then transfer that sketch onto a board. I typically do a digital color study so I can plan out the piece better, and then paint in the general colors with watercolor. I then finally paint over the watercolor with gouache.

For my more digital work, I have yet to really develop a set process. I always start with a sketch and color blocking, but from there, I tend to just wing it depending on the project. For my animations, I make a storyboard and then dive straight into the animation, but I would like to refine that process a little more.

My main goals for my artist website are to share my work with others, and more importantly, present my work to potential employers. As a college student, it is vital to have a website for internship applications so those reviewing you can see the work you make. Along the same lines, I would say my main audience is recruiters/people who are reviewing my internship applications.

I would like to make my site easy to navigate while also separating out different types of work for different types of applications. Secondary to job applications, I want to show a bit of who I am as a person.”

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