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FAQ: Promotion & Marketing for Visual Artists

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Which social media platform is best?

What is the best social media platform for me to promote my artwork on? Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

Lauryn Welch, Painter & Performance Artist

Lauryn Welch
Painter & Performance Artist

For promoting your artwork, I would have to say hands down, Instagram. I’ve used Facebook in the past with some success, but it’s also easy for your posts to get lost in between the cat videos and the political negativity that abounds on the News Feed.

Instagram is the perfect kind of set up for a visual artist, because the format of communication is in pictures. You can also easily follow other artists, and through the Instagram algorithms, discover new artists you like by going to the “explore” section.

I’ve met a lot of wonderful artists and galleries through Instagram, and I even use it as a memory aide to keep track of artists and artwork I’m currently studying.

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Deepti Menon, Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon
Filmmaker & Animator

Personally, I find Instagram to be to most useful when it comes to promoting work. Of course this changes from person to person. Sometimes, people already have hundreds of friends on Facebook, who can automatically be an audience for your work.

However, I find that a platform like Instagram acts not only as a promotional tool, but also helps in finding an artistic community. Having a public profile and using hashtags easily allows other users to find your work.

There are hashtags for everything! Using hashtags and interacting with other artists through messages and comments has rapidly increased my following and audience engagement on Instagram. I find that even though I have more friends on Facenook who might see my work, my Instagram followers are much more engaged with it.

Additionally, Instagram has added features like stories and Instagram Live. Both of these are additional ways to engage with your audience, allowing them to see less refined work, works in progress, or just a look into your daily life! I also find that because Instagram is image-based, a lot of artists naturally gravitate towards it, so it’s a wonderful way to discover other artists on your end.

At the end of the day, I always encourage people to promote on every platform they have access to. Even if that means your audience grows by one person, it might be worth it! Although I haven’t used Twitter, it seems like a huge, growing community that would be worth exposing your work too. Tumblr also has a huge artistic community that uses similar methods like hashtags.

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