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Oil Painting Studio
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Visual Artists

Gina Perry, Author & Illustrator
Victoria Veedell, Painter
Ian Kuali'i, Artist
Jaclyn Bromeland
Antoinette M. Winters, Artist
Judith Black, Photographer
Perris McCracken, Dancer & Actress
Drawing by Emma Heyes
Helen Klebesadel, Artist & Educator
Ellen Wong, Textile & Mixed Media Artist
Laura Evans, Artist
Katy Doughty, Illustrator
Jennifer Layzer, Artist
Dmitri Zdorov, Product Designer & Artist
Eda Soylu, Artist
Becca Rand, Designer & Illustrator
Claire Lordon, Illustrator & Designer
Julie Benbassat, Illustrator
Shane T Velez, artist
Kate Atherton, Illustrator & Designer
Kai Lun Qu, Fine Artist
Maya Sternberg
Marc Bohne, Painter
Gillian Lee Smith, Fine Artist
Nicholas D'Ornellas, Fiber & Fine Artist
Marly Gallardo, Illustrator
Carolyn Dunford, Painter
Kara Cox, Painter
Lori Field, Visual Artist & Jeweler
Randal Robins, Artist & Illustrator
Becky Davis, Artist
Elizabeth Yuan, Artist
Alla Lazebnik, Painter & Printmaker
Stephen Murphy, Photographer & Bookmaker
Artist Kathryn Peterson

Roger Richardson, Photographer

Lisa Pecore, Visual Artist

Robin Yoojin Rhee, VFX Artist & Digital Compositor

Deanna Fainelli, Mixed Media Artist

Julia Rothman, Illustrator  & Designer

Mick Hart, Enthusiast

Zoë BaeIllustrator & Designer

Nicola Fields/Copper Harris, Artist & Illustrator

Eloise Sherrid, Artist and Filmmaker

Hannah Antalek, Visual Artist

Lydia Rink, Sketchbook Artist

Sonia Cabrera

Annalisa Oswald, Illustrator & Designer

Stephanie Tan, Furniture Designer

William Cassidy, Artist

Megan Farrell, Illustrator & Designer

Dana Famiglietti, Designer

Ronnie Walter, Artist, Writer & Art Business Coach

Art Resources

Association of Independent Colleges of Art + Design

Artsy Shark
The Working Artist

Art Educators

GMS Art Studio

GMA Art Studio, led by Ms. Nikki Murphy Epsimos, is a tool for learning, honoring my students’ hard work, and forming a stronger connection with off campus art experiences.

The Helpful Art Teacher

The Helpful Art Teacher is a blog about teaching students not only how to create but to look at, think about, and understand our world through art.

There's a Dragon in my Art Room, Phyllis Levine Brown

There’s a Dragon in my Art Room is a blog geared toward elementary art educators, with a mix of hands-on creative lesson ideas, thoughts, and opinions on aspects of art education.

Art with Mrs. Nguyen

Melinda Nguyen
Art Educator & Designer

Kathy Barbro, Art Projects for Kids

Kathy Barbro
Art Teacher & Blogger

Kerri Waller, Art Educator

Kerri Waller
Art Educator

Art Organizations & Retailers


Laura Host, Eddy Gee, Andreas H., Corey Martz, Carla Klassen, Stephanie Kudisch, Lily Siegel, Shayne Train, Yuri Tomikawa, BOXCLUB, Kate Lecours, Andrew Rogers, Chris Sholl, Bruce Freedman, Elena & Alessandro, Dillon Forzese, Dianna Xu, Sandra Heggeness, Claudia Middendorf, Justine Nguyen, Heather Staradumsky, Ethan Campbell, Sally Richardson, James Raphael, Yael Kisel, Alexis Hamilton.

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