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Visual Artists

Gina Perry, Author & Illustrator
Victoria Veedell, Painter
Ian Kuali'i, Artist
Drawing by Emma Heyes
Antoinette M. Winters, Artist
Judith Black, Photographer
Perris McCracken, Dancer & Actress
Helen Klebesadel, Artist & Educator
Ellen Wong, Textile & Mixed Media Artist
Laura Evans, Artist
Katy Doughty, Illustrator
Jennifer Layzer, Artist
Dmitri Zdorov, Product Designer & Artist
Eda Soylu, Artist
Becca Rand, Designer & Illustrator
Claire Lordon, Illustrator & Designer
Julie Benbassat, Illustrator
Shane T Velez, artist
Kate Atherton, Illustrator & Designer
Kai Lun Qu, Fine Artist
Maya Sternberg
Marc Bohne, Painter
Gillian Lee Smith, Fine Artist
Nicholas D'Ornellas, Fiber & Fine Artist
Marly Gallardo, Illustrator
Carolyn Dunford, Painter
Kara Cox, Painter
Lori Field, Visual Artist & Jeweler
Randal Robins, Artist & Illustrator
Becky Davis, Artist
Elizabeth Yuan, Artist
Alla Lazebnik, Painter & Printmaker
Stephen Murphy, Photographer & Bookmaker
Artist Kathryn Peterson

Roger Richardson, Photographer

Lisa Pecore, Visual Artist

Robin Yoojin Rhee, VFX Artist & Digital Compositor

Deanna Fainelli, Mixed Media Artist

Julia Rothman, Illustrator  & Designer

Mick Hart, Enthusiast

Lee Hutt, Artist

Portia Monberg, Graphic Designer

Elizabeth Yuan, Artist

Zoë BaeIllustrator & Designer

Nicola Fields/Copper Harris, Artist & Illustrator

Eloise Sherrid, Artist & Filmmaker

Hannah Antalek, Visual Artist

Lydia Rink, Sketchbook Artist

Sonia Cabrera

Tatiana Potts, Printmaker and Bookmaker

John Garland

Bonnie Paisley, Artist & Art Teacher

Annalisa Oswald, Illustrator & Designer

Stephanie Tan, Furniture Designer

William Cassidy, Artist

Megan Farrell, Illustrator & Designer

Dana Famiglietti, Designer

Ronnie Walter, Artist, Writer & Art Business Coach

Susan G. Emmerson, Mixed Media Artist

Hyeji Kim, Artist

Bente Rasmussen, visual artist

Art Resources

Association of Independent Colleges of Art + Design

Artsy Shark
The Working Artist

Art Educators

GMS Art Studio

GMA Art Studio, led by Ms. Nikki Murphy Epsimos, is a tool for learning, honoring my students’ hard work, and forming a stronger connection with off campus art experiences.

The Helpful Art Teacher

The Helpful Art Teacher is a blog about teaching students not only how to create but to look at, think about, and understand our world through art.

There's a Dragon in my Art Room, Phyllis Levine Brown

There’s a Dragon in my Art Room is a blog geared toward elementary art educators, with a mix of hands-on creative lesson ideas, thoughts, and opinions on aspects of art education.

Art with Mrs. Nguyen

Melinda Nguyen
Art Educator & Designer

Kathy Barbro, Art Projects for Kids

Kathy Barbro
Art Teacher & Blogger

Kerri Waller, Art Educator

Kerri Waller
Art Educator

Art Organizations & Retailers


Laura Host, Eddy Gee, Andreas H., Corey Martz, Carla Klassen, Stephanie Kudisch, Lily Siegel, Shayne Train, Yuri Tomikawa, BOXCLUB, Kate Lecours, Andrew Rogers, Chris Sholl, Bruce Freedman, Elena & Alessandro, Dillon Forzese, Dianna Xu, Sandra Heggeness, Claudia Middendorf, Justine Nguyen, Heather Staradumsky, Ethan Campbell, Sally Richardson, James Raphael, Yael Kisel, Alexis Hamilton, Iulia Ionescu, Elka Gould, Lisa Nelson, Ellie H. Lee

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