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Teaching Artists Skype Submission Form

Casey Roonan, Comics Artist & Cartoonist

Casey Roonan
Cartoonist & Comics Artist

Catherine Huang

Cat Huang
Illustrator & Comics Artist

Lauryn Welch, Painter & Performance Artist

Lauryn Welch
Painter & Performance Artist

Jordan McCracken-Foster, Concept Artist & Illustrator

Jordan McCracken-Foster
Concept Artist & Visual Development

Eloise Sherrid, Artist & Filmmaker

Eloise Sherrid
Artist & Filmmaker

Eloise is currently not available 

Deepti Menon, Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon
Filmmaker & Animator

Alex Rowe, Illustrator & Children's Book Artist

Alex Rowe
Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

1 Skype Session

$80 USD: 30 min

$120 USD: 45 min

$140 USD: 60 min

2 month Skype Pack

$135 USD, 2 sessions, 30 min. in 2 months

$215 USD, 2 sessions, 45 min. in 2 months

$255 USD, 2 sessions, 60 min. in 2 months

3 month Skype Pack

$190 USD, 3 sessions, 30 min. in 3 months

$310  USD, 3 sessions, 45 min. in 3 months

$370 USD, 3 sessions, 60 min. in 3 months


Showing us your artwork

We find it very helpful to see some of your artwork prior to the Skype session. You can show us 3-20 artworks; sketchbook pages, finished pieces, WIP, anything goes basically, we don't have anything specific we are looking for or expect to see.

Please note that a Skype session is not a portfolio critique. We will reference your artwork, but we will not be critiquing each artwork in depth, one by one. You can purchase a portfolio critique here

Sharing Your Artwork with Us

You can share your artwork with us through 1) images in a Google Drive folder, 2) Instagram, or 3) your website. Please do not email us attachments of your images.

Sharing your portfolio via Google Drive

1.  Create a folder in Google Drive and name it with your first and last name.

2. Upload JPG files of 8-20 artworks  into that folder. For each 2D artwork, submit only 1 JPG file.  For 3D artworks, you may submit 1-2 JPG files per artwork.

3. Rename each JPG file like this: “001.jpg.” , “002.jpg”, “003.jpg.”  This way, images are easily referenced in the critique.

4. Open each JPG, click on the 3 dot icon in the upper right, and select “Details.” In the new window, scroll down to the “Description” section. In this section, add the title, media and size of the artwork.  Example: “Self-Portrait, oil on canvas, 18″ x 24.” Titles are optional.

5. In Google Drive, right click on your folder, and select “Get Shareable Link.”  Copy the link.


When we receive this form, we will send you a payment request to your email via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account for your payment to be processed, Paypal accepts credit card, cash, or check.

Scheduling your Skype session

Upon receipt of this form and your payment, Prof Lieu and the staff artist you selected for your Skype session will email you to schedule a mutually convenient time for your Skype session. Usually sessions are scheduled within about a week of payment, although this is contingent upon everyone's collective availability.

All Skype sessions are private, we will not record the session or post it on YouTube.

Please use the checkbox below to indicate that you have read our Terms and Conditions.

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