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Teaching & Learning Art Online: For Students

Welcome art students!

While your teachers are working hard to transition to remote classrooms, here at Art Prof we can provide additional support to help you continue your studies.

We recognize that remote learning is much more than just content you are absorbing. You’ll need to figure out how to set up a work space at home that fosters productivity, create good work habits that you can rely on, maintain a positive mindset in your work, connect with your peers, and stay motivated about your artwork.

Have questions or need more help?
Join the Art Prof Discord server, we have channels for educators in high school and college where you can get support and answers from other teachers! Prof Lieu checks in daily and will help out.


Art Supplies Hidden in Your Home

See our chart of household items that can be used as art supplies!

Art Inspired by the Coronavirus

Song Kang speaks about a pen & ink triptych describing the emotional transformation of her home during the global pandemic.

5 Tips for Teaching Art Online (From Your Students)

RISD students Owen Rival and Tamara Miller provide tips for professors teaching art remotely.

Finding Artistic Inspiration

Concrete strategies for brainstorming ideas for your studio practice.

5 Tips for a Home Art Studio

Practical tips for how to create a home studio to inspire productivity and focus.


Deal with Your Artist’s Block!

We all get artist’s block, whether it’s for 1 day to several months. The Art Prof give concrete strategies that can help you get back on track as an artist.

Failure, Fear, and Risk as an Artist

Taking a creative risk can be intimidating, and make us fearful because of the lack of predictability, but those risks can also be tremendously important and open up creative opportunities!

Toxic Artist Stereotypes & Myths

There are many negative stereotypes of visual artists: artists are lazy, we are are starving, we do drugs and drink all day, etc. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth!

Art & Mental Health

Prof Lieu and Alex talk about the uphill battle artists face: constant rejection, social media pressure, and more.

Comparing Yourself to Other Artists

Here are 5 practical strategies you can use to keep away the toxic thinking that comes along with comparing yourself to other artists.

Instagram Can Be Toxic for Artists

Prof Lieu and Alex talk about how Instagram can be detrimental to artistic growth and concrete steps you can use to avoid that.

How Do You Gain Confidence?

We’ve all had moments of doubt as artists, the Art Prof staff explains how to overcome that doubt.

Why You’re Rejected as an Artist

Prof Lieu explains how rejection is an inherent part of being an artist, and offers strategies to handle it.

Artist Guilt

As artists we feel guilt in so many ways: not producing enough, that other people are contributing to the world better, and more!


How to Stay Motivated

We know we want to create art, and yet why is it so difficult to do so much of the time?

Be a More Productive Artist

It is possible to be productive in your studio practice despite life’s constant interruptions!

How to Improve as an Artist

Confront your weaknesses and recognizing our comfort zone are ways to keep improving as an artist.

How Do You Know When to Stop Working on an Artwork?

Learn how to recognize signals that it’s time to walk away from an artwork to balance resolution and spontaneity in your work.

How Can I Manage My Time After Art School?

Time management isn’t glamorous, but it can make or break your studio practice after school!

Dealing with Artist’s Block

Artist’s block is inevitable, so you better have tricks for dealing with it now!

How To Create a Series of Artworks

A series of artworks is a great way to focus your practice and do a deep dive into a sustained body of work.

How To Find Your Art Style

For many artists, there is pressure to have a distinct art style. Prof Lieu explains how an artist’s style evolves.

Draw Faster!

Drawing faster isn’t just about physical speed, so much is in your head and approach!


Building an Artist Community

Prof Lieu and Jordan discuss opportunities online to meet other artists and foster creative connections.

Find Artist Friends Online

Prof Lieu and Jordan get specific about how to build genuine relationships with other artists online, highlighting common mistakes.

5 Networking Tips for Artists

Lauryn and Prof Lieu talk about why networking is an important part of your career, while providing concrete actions you can take to connect with arts professionals.


How To Write an Artist Statement

Prof Lieu reviews critical components of an artist statement, how to write succinctly, as well as options for adapting a specific voice.

An Art Job Can Ruin Your Studio Practice

Prof Lieu explains the challenges of having a day job in visual arts by telling stories from her own experience, as well as her peers.

Life After Art School: What’s Next?

Graduates face many challenges: finding a job, networking, sustaining a lively studio practice, creating a support system, and more.

Artist Instagram Critique

Prof Lieu discusses strategic adjustments to Albert’s Instagram to attract potential buyers.

How To Stay Motivated After Art School

Get strategies you can use in your studio practice to keep yourself moving forward with your artwork.

Artist Website Critique

Prof Lieu identifies areas of Monika’s website that need changes in order to facilitate a clean, easy to navigate user experience.

Create an Artist Website

Creating a clean, easy to navigate artist website is surprisingly difficult with a whole host of challenges. Get practical advice!


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