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Clara Lieu & Jordan McCracken-Foster

“I love the community and being able to interact with Prof Lieu and the Teaching Artists.”

53 second tour of our Discord

How to Join

Joining Discord is easy! We have friendly moderators and staff to help you.

“The biggest plus is a large and supportive community. It’s wonderful to see other artist’s work and to join enthusiastic conversations about art and art related topics.”

Table of Contents

Art Prof Staff, Mia Rozear
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Our Mod Team

Our Discord is a moderated server! We have a fabulous mod team who are present to welcome you, answer your questions, direct you to the channels and topics you’re looking for, and show you how to use Art Prof’s resources.

We have server rules in #faq to provide guidelines for how the various parts of the server works.

Clara Lieu
Prof Lieu & Discord moderator BlueWolfSpirit
  • Introduce yourself in #introductions when you join.
  • Our friendly moderators will welcome you to get started.
  • Watch our 53 second tour.
  • Read our #faq.

Our Discord Moderators


Trent Clara meetup
Prof Lieu & Discord moderator Trent

Critique Channels

I love giving and receiving critiques. I feel like I learn a lot, even when I’m just reading messages in the critique channels.

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learn through critique

Share your artwork and get a fresh pair of eyes on your progress! Critique is a great way to learn and push yourself to improve.

sample Critiques
Art Prof Clara Lieu

I appreciate the 3:1 critiques rule, which keeps the critique channels active. It also challenges me to find the vocabulary to help someone else with their artwork. Which in turn helps mine, because I have the eyes to see potential improvements.

Stage Sessions


We host stage sessions after some of our live streams where you get to speak to us on voice! Meet in #post-live-streams-stage.

Discord stage session

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