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Are you aching for a soft pastel portrait tutorial featuring Chris Pine‘s chin? (He’s no Benedict Cumberbatch, but hey, why not if we all learn something!)

A sponsored video: Drypoint tutorial

Sponsor a video and make it possible for us to continue creating videos to serve our community and your needs as an artist. A generous sponsor in our community made our Citra Solv transfer tutorial & Drypoint tutorial possible. Read about the impact a sponsorship has on our community.

To sponsor a video, please fill out this Google form. If you have any questions, feel free to email Prof Lieu or ask us in our Discord.

Sponsorship process

Please understand that submitting does not guarantee that your sponsorship will be fully realized. For accepted sponsorships, we cannot make any guarantees in terms timing, delivery, etc.

When deciding to accept a sponsorship, we have to consider many factors: staff availability, the logistics of producing the video, equipment needs, and more.

On the Google form, you’ll have to option to either choose from a list of video topics or, you can propose a subject and/or art media.

Can we crowdfund a video?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the necessary office support to be able to offer crowdfunded sponsorships.

Prof Lieu is the sole administrator and offering a crowdfunding option would create a mountain of paperwork that would be too time consuming.


We want to recognize our sponsors for their generous support!

On the Google form, you can choose between the option of your name being mentioned at the end of the video, or, we can add a voice over that says “this video is generously supported by an anonymous sponsor.”

Painting Roses, Tutorial Shoot, Kathleen Speranza
Painting Roses with Kathleen Speranza

Topics we want to produce!


Wood Engraving
Plaster Prints
Collagraphs with Glue
Carborundum Mezzotypes


Staircase Designs, Part 1
Staircase Designs, Part 2
Horse, Armature
Horse, Modeling
Reed & Pantyhose
Hands, Armature
Hands, Modeling
Styrofoam Cup Designs
Recycled Books
3D Drawing Reference, Part 1
3D Drawing Reference, Part 2
Casting: Silicone Caulk
Casting: Waste mold

Gelli Plate & Stencils Tutorial Shoot
Gelli Plates & Stencils

Art History
Linear Perspective
Abstract Art
Concept Art


3 Point Linear Perspective
Anatomy: Mouth
Anatomy: Necks
Anatomy: Ears
Anatomy: Facial Hair

Discussion Videos: Rates

15-30 second Short
  • $100
  • Discussion
  • 1 staff of your choice
What do all Great Artists have in Common?
1 min.
  • $150
  • Discussion
  • 1 staff of your choice
How to Socialize at a Gallery Opening
40 min.
Live Stream
  • $350
  • Discussion
  • 2 staff of your choice

Hands on Demo Videos: Rates

1 min.
  • $250
  • Hands on Demo
  • 1 staff of your choice
How to Sketch People in Public Quickly & Discreetly
10-30 min.
Studio Tutorial
40 min.
Live Stream
60-120 min.
Live Stream
5-10 min.
Travel Tutorial
  • $1000
  • Hands on Demo
  • All travel expenses
  • Prof Lieu
15-20 min.
Travel Tutorial
  • $1500
  • Hands on Demo
  • All travel expenses
  • Prof Lieu

If you want to send any of our staff anywhere in the world to draw on site, please email us.