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Sponsoring a video is a wonderful gesture you can make to enrich our global community of artists. Read about the impact a sponsorship.

Travel Videos

We will show up in any country, if you can provide transportation and hotel accommodations!

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Our trip to Bodie Historic Park in Mammoth Lakes, California was made possible by a generous person in our community.

I have a pipe dream of having a travel & art show on a streaming service, every trip is a step towards that. See my pilot episode here.

DSLR Camera Videos

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Painting a thistle in Southern Utah

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Drawing Mono Lake: Mammoth Lakes, CA

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Intaglio Printmaking:

Live Stream Lectures

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Anatomy: Neck

anatomy back legs

Anatomy: Back Legs

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Anatomy: Mouth

Live Stream Demos

Sculpture Reference for Drawing

Sculpture as a Drawing Reference

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Foamboard Staircase Sculpture

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Wire Portraits


Can we crowdfund a video?

  • Unfortunately, we don’t have the necessary office support to be able to offer crowdfunded sponsorships.
  • Prof Lieu is the sole administrator and offering a crowdfunding option would create a mountain of paperwork that would be too time consuming.
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