Printmaking Curriculum 1: Techniques

See a comprehensive overview printmaking techniques: intaglio, relief, silkscreening, lithography, and more. Explained are the various techniques to provide depth and insight into the process of printmaking. Discussion with Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Mia Rozear and Guest Artist Dorian Epps. Video Walkthrough Techniques Mentioned Lithography Intaglio relief Image transfers Collagraphs Silkscreening Monotypes […]

Woodcut: Relief Printmaking

See a step by step demo of the woodcut process, a relief printmaking technique from beginning to end. You’ll see comprehensive explanations of tools, types of wood, carving, inking, hand printing, pin registration, preparing paper, and more. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Thank you to our sponsor! Thank you to Arielle Finberg for sponsoring […]

Drypoint: Intaglio Printmaking

See step by step how to do a drypoint, a non acid intaglio printmaking technique where an etching needle is used to etch directly into a copper plate. This video demos techniques like beveling plates, how to set up a press for a home studio, drawing on a copper plate with an etching needle, wiping […]

Gelli Plates & Stencils

See step by step tutorial on how you can use stencils with gelli plates. Shown in this video is how to cut and design stencils, techniques for rolling ink onto the gelli plate, including rainbow rolls, and how to layer 1, 2, and 3 colors within a single print. Materials like printmaking paper, Dura-lar, breyers […]

Image Transfers with Citra Solv

See step by step how to do an image transfer using Citra Solv and magazine pages that are in color. Image transfer techniques are exciting because of their unpredictable results and the faded, antique look that the magazine pages are transformed into. This demo explains all of the materials you’ll need, safety hazards (don’t do […]

Gelli Plate Monotype Prints

You don’t need a press to create monotypes, all you need is a gelli plate, some water based Akua printmaking inks, and printmaking paper! Prof Lieu demonstrates every step of the process, showing wiping techniques, brush techniques, registration, and the printing process to create a monochromatic monotype. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are an easy, fun printmaking process what is versatile and gets great results. This video demonstrates how to start with a brush pen drawing which is then transferred using a graphite technique onto the surface of the Speedball Speedy Carve surface. Techniques such as how to cut many different types of lines and […]

Gelli Plate Image Transfers in Acrylic

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates how to create an image transfer using a gelli plate, acrylic paint, and magazine pages. Prof Lieu explains the process from beginning to end, emphasizing techniques which will provide many opportunities to explore the potential behind this exciting printmaking technique.  Video Walkthrough Art Supplies As a free educational source, Art […]

Multi-Color Linoleum Printmaking

This video shows multi-color linoleum block printing techniques from beginning to end, in order to create an editorial illustration. The process begins by brainstorming ideas from an article in the New York Times, and then transitions into drawing a mind map and into drawing thumbnail sketches. Techniques for carving into the linoleum are done, showing […]