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Our one day workshops are a chance to work closely with Prof Lieu in real time.

Our workshops are a safe, inclusive learning environment for all artists to get personalized feedback that will serve your needs.

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We meet students where they are at in these workshops, whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced artist.

Our staff makes every effort to provide encouragement and advice that is custom tailored to your concerns and progress as an artist.

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I have done many workshops elsewhere and they weren’t live. I learned from them but something was missing something ‘feedback.’ I would get a ‘well done or ‘that’s a compelling portrait.’

That does not help at all when you want to grow as an artist. Art Prof workshops are interactive. Prof Lieu gives feedback and resources to help . You don’t just learn from Prof Lieu, you learn from others as well.

2023 Sept Workshops

Spots open!

We will continue to accept enrollment until either 1) the workshop fills, or 2) two days before the workshop date.

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2023 Oct Workshops

enrollment is open!

We will continue to accept enrollment until either 1) the workshop fills, or 2) two days before the workshop date.

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“We received genuine feedback, rather than all of us being given the same general tips, Prof Lieu gave us tips individually on how to improve.”

Clara Lieu

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The workshop guide was great and well prepared. The site and resources were terrific, it’s so great to have the warm-up videos and reference photos before the event to get prepared. The video of the example class was really useful for setting expectations.

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“Fabulous feedback from Prof Lieu as I was going along. This taught me and helped make this piece recognizable!

It is amazing to see the evolution of other students work in real time. So much learning also from each other.”

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“I loved using the timed drawing videos, I really appreciate that these videos aren’t workshop exclusive either so I can revisit them in my own time, after the workshop has passed.

The quality of said drawing videos are great too! I honestly wouldn’t mind more of these types of videos.”


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