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An artist call with our staff of seasoned professional artists is a great way to get customized support that fits your needs as an artist.

Customized support is necessary to make progress

There is definitely a limit to how much you can absorb from content online on your own. At a certain point, it’s important to get feedback and advice that really targets your specific needs and concerns as an artist.

Purchase an artist call, Lauryn Welch
Lauryn Welch

What can I get out of an artist call?

An artist call makes it easy and fast to get advice that is customized to your specific needs and questions.

We all struggle with finding direction, sustaining a lively studio practice, and professional development challenges.

An artist call is an opportunity to have a stimulating dialogue with a professional in your field of art. We can provide the motivation, concrete actions to take moving forward, and sense of direction you’ll need to make progress as an artist.

Artist Call with Prof Lieu and Kira Held

Who are artist calls for?

Artist calls are for artists of all levels of experience: self taught artists, beginners, professionals, degree program candidates, and more.

Artist Call Topics

Our staff covers a broad range of fields in the art world and can provide insight into various industries, techniques, wellness, business, and more.

Clara Lieu


To complete your purchase, you’ll need to:

  • Pay via the “Pay Now” links.
  • Fill out a form via the “Request Form“ buttons.

Prof Lieu

Clara Lieu

30 min: $300 USD, Pay now

45 min: $350 USD, Pay now

60 min: $400 USD, Pay now

75 min: $450 USD, Pay now

90 min: $500 USD, Pay now

2 hours: $600 USD, Pay now

2 hour calls can be split into two 1 hour calls

Teaching Artists

DeeptiJordan, Mia

Jordan McCracken-Foster

30 min: $250 USD, Pay now

45 min: $300 USD, Pay now

60 min: $350 USD, Pay now


Questions? Email Prof Lieu.

Artist Call with Lauryn Welch and Darinka Arones
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