Manga Books

Horror Manga Human Chair, Junji Ito Remina, Junji ItoShiver, Junji ItoSmashed, Junji ItoTomie, Junji ItoVenus in the Blind Spot, Junji ItoDrifting Classroom, Kazuo UmezuThe Enigma of Amigara Fault, Junji Ito Uzumaki, Junji Ito Mystery Manga Case Closed, Gosho AoyamaErased, Kei SanbeMonster, Naoki Urasawa Osamu Tezuka Astro Boy, Osamu TezukaBlack Jack, Osamu TezukaBuddha, Osamu TezukaOde to […]

Comic Books

Asterios Polyp, David MazzucchelliMy Favorite Thing is Monsters, Emil FerrisSafari Honeymoon, Jesse JacobsBone, Jeff SmithContract with God Trilogy, Will EisnerJimmy Corrigan, Chris WareThis One Summer, Jillian & Mariko TamakiLove and Rockets, Jaime HernandezI Never Liked You, Chester BrownThe Incal, Alejandro JodorowskyDeath of Speedy, Jaime HernandezDracula, Alberto BrecciaThe Zabime Sisters, AristophoneThe Shark King, R. Kikuo JohnsonNight […]

How to Books

Animation • Children’s Books • Comics • Drawing Painting • Photography • Printmaking • Sculpture Animation Books for Children Comics & Cartoons Drawing Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture As a free educational source, Art Prof uses Amazon affiliate links (found in this page) to help pay the bills. This means, Art Prof earns from qualifying purchases.

Staff Art Book Picks

A mix of inspirational, educational, how to books, and more to nurture yourself as an artist. See all of our books lists here, our manga list, how to list, comics list, and educational books list. videos staff picks Prof Lieu’s Top Picks Jordan’s Top Picks Lauryn’s Top Picks As a free educational source, Art Prof […]

Comics Resources

Read Comics Online WebtoonsComixologyChosenHyperbole and a HalfKingFisherWebcomic Namexkcd Publications Campfire Comics and StoriesThe Comics Journal Festivals Comic Arts Los AngelesSmall Press Expo New Yorker New Yorker Encyclopedia of CartoonsComplete Cartoons of the New YorkerBest of the Rejection CollectionNew Yorker Book of Dog Cartoons New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons Humor, Satire, and CartoonsNew Yorker Daily CartoonInstagram’s Favorite […]

Educational Books

Inspiration Creativity, Inc. (Pixar)Calvin & Hobbes 10th AnniversaryTell Me Something GoodStarting Point, H. MiyazakiTurning Point, H. Miyazaki Self-Care The Artist’s Guide, J. BattenfieldArt, Inc., L. CongdonThe Artist’s Way, J. CameronART/WORK: Everything You Need…Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s MarketDraw Stronger, K. WillbergI’d Rather Be in the Studio! A. StanfieldMasters of American IllustrationMake Your Art No Matter What Color […]