Landscape TRACK: Lesson 6

Prompt Create a self-portrait of yourself as a real or imagined space. Establish anything from a specific mood, a visual style, the architecture of the space, and how those choices portray your life and experience. “I created this self portrait when I was a student at art school. I felt like my identity was a […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 5

Prompt Create an imaginary underwater space. Blend together a minimum of 5 reference photos. Adding figures or creatures is optional. Tips Try to use reference photos that aren’t literal to your images. For example, instead of using a photo of a sea anemone as a reference for seaweed in your artwork, use a photo of […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 4

Prompt Use items from the grocery store to observe from life in order to create an alien landscape. Grocery Store Tips Search for a wide range of textures: items that are very coarse vs. items that are very smooth, shiny, bumpy, etc. Aim for a variety of heights in your objects, so items that are […]

Landscape Curriculum 2

This video is part 2 in a Landscape Curriculum designed for self-taught artists. (watch part 1)This discussion talks about the various genres and formats where landscape can be found in the visual arts: in game design, manuscripts, ceramics, murals, textiles, and more. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Deepti Menon and […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 3

Prompt Create an artwork of either an interior or exterior space. Define the space with dramatic lighting and cast shadows. Shadows Distinguish between cast shadows and form shadows. This slideshow has examples of how cast shadows and form shadows differ. Cast shadows are more likely to define the space and planes. Form shadows are more […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 2

Prompt Repeat a person or object within an interior or exterior space. Vary the scale of the person or object so that they get smaller as they move further back into the space. Use atmospheric perspective to create depth in the scene. atmospheric perspective tips Draw the objects in the foreground so that they have […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 1

Prompt Choose a room in your home that you think has a distinctive “personality.” What is it about that space that distinguishes it from others? How does that space make you feel when you are in it? Show us what that space means to you, tell us a story. tips for drawing from life Drawing […]

Landscapes Curriculum 1

This video is part 1 in a Landscape Curriculum designed for self-taught artists. This discussion reviews many techniques and approaches that can be used to create compelling landscapes in a wide range of art media. Concepts like atmospheric perspective, texture, and light are explained in great depth. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

Landscape Curriculum

The complete Landscape Curriculum for Self-taught Artists is a series of 2 videos. We have a free Landscapes & Backgrounds Track which is a sequence of structured video lessons and assignments that you can do at your own pace. Our Landscapes & Backgrounds Premium Track provides guidance and support through weekly voice sessions and critiques from the Art Prof staff. Landscape Part 1 Imagined […]

Landscapes & Backgrounds Track

The Landscapes & Backgrounds Track provides a comprehensive exploration of the role landscapes and backgrounds can play. Techniques like atmospheric perspective, lighting, texture, scale, and space will be addressed through various prompts. Whether you do concept art, are a fine art painter, or a comics artist, you’ll learn the fundamentals of how to articulate a convincing landscape. Visit our landscapes section for more related content. Landscapes & […]

Landscapes & Backgrounds Premium Track

The Landscapes & Backgrounds Premium Track provides a comprehensive exploration of the role landscapes and backgrounds can play. Techniques like atmospheric perspective, lighting, texture, scale, and space will be addressed through various prompts. Whether you do concept art, are a fine art painter, or a comics artist, you’ll learn the fundamentals of how to articulate […]

Thumbnail Sketches for a Landscape

This video is a demo of how to draw thumbnails using several reference photos to create an original composition. See the process of how to merge the reference photos to create a dynamic landscape that shows depth. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Watch the 4 min. version Watch the 1 hour 39 min. […]

Procreate: Digital Mastercopies

Copying a digital painting is a great exercise to develop your digital painting skills and analyze the techniques used in great paintings. In this video we demonstrates how to make a mastercopy in Procreate. This video shows the step by step process how start one, while also prodiving reasons for what you can learn and […]

Fantasy Landscapes in Procreate

See how you can create a fantasy landscape in Procreate, using a broad range of reference photos. You can dramatically manipulate and transform your reference photos to blend them together into an unusual landscape. Use of simple strategies like atmospheric perspective, texture, foreground, middle ground, and background to create a convincing landscape. Demo by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Deepti Menon. Video […]

Ballpoint Pen & Watercolor: Imagined Environment

This video shows how to draw an environment from imagination using ballpoint pen and watercolor techniques. Diverse experiences, gathering reference images and objects serve as the inspiration for creating this imaginary environment Shown is a plein air drawing session on site using soft pastels, a trip to the grocery store to buy unusual looking produce, […]

Dip Pens & Liquid Watercolor Drawing Techniques

Learn useful tips for inking techniques with a dip pen using liquid watercolor. There are many tricks that can make your experience much easier and allow for greater control over your line work. This drawing demonstration will show how you can develop your skills for inking techniques to create elegant cross-hatching and dynamic line work […]

Dip Pen Drawing with Ink & Markers

Dip pens and ink can create a beautiful effect when combined with layers of markers and white gesso. This video demos a unique technique with these art supplies that produce a drawing with delicate line work and subtle colors. Tips for how to draw with a dip pen using cross-hatching techniques are explained, as well […]

Watercolor in Utah: Widstoe Cemetery

This video demos watercolor techniques for plein air landscape painting in a cemetery in Widstoe, Utah. The process is explained step by step, from the sketching process into finalizing the details in the paintings. Watercolor is combined with alcohol based brush pen markers to blend and create dramatic color effects. Demo led by Art Prof […]

Acryl Gouache & Watercolor Pencils: Mountains

This video demonstrates how to paint a mountain landscape using acryl gouache and watercolor pencils. Techniques for creating a convincing sense of depth and atmosphere in the landscape such as atmospheric perspective and brush work are explained and shown. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Alex Rowe. Video Walkthrough Alternating layers […]

Watercolor : Goblin Valley & Mushrooms

Art Prof Clara Lieu visits Goblin Valley in Southern Utah, where she paints 2 landscape paintings on site, blending watercolors and alcohol based brush pens. Next, Prof Lieu goes mushroom hunting with family in the mountains, bringing back gigantic mushrooms which serve as still life subjects to explore watercolor techniques including dry brushing and diverse […]

Watercolor in Utah: Mt. Pleasant

Art Prof Clara Lieu visits Mt. Pleasant, Widstoe, and Green River on the way to Southern Utah, where she paints on site using Winsor & Newton watercolors and alcohol based brush pens. Prof Lieu paints a “monument” of rocks in the desert, a fence with a patch of trees and a propane tank & watermelon […]

Soft Pastel Landscape Drawing

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates drawing a landscape with soft pastels, using three different reference photos to create a new landscape. Techniques for how to start and develop a soft pastel drawings are explained. Prof Lieu talks about various techniques specific to soft pastels including layering, blending, creating a diverse range of textures and marks, […]

Brush Pen Drawing in Taiwan

Art Prof Clara Lieu draws on site throughout several cities in Taiwan including Taipei, Beitou, Taitung, Hualien, using Tombow brush pens, a sketchbook, and Bristol board . Lieu gives tips for urban sketching, demonstrates step by step her drawing process with brush pens, and talks about how the culture and experience of traveling in Taiwan affects […]

Intro to Gouache Painting

This video comprehensively covers the fundamentals of painting with gouache by showing the process of painting a book cover illustration based on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. The process begins by shooting reference photos at a graveyard in Concord, MA, moving on to thumbnail sketches, painting color studies, and then exploring techniques […]