Fantasy Landscapes in Procreate

See how you can create a fantasy landscape in Procreate, using a broad range of reference photos. You can dramatically manipulate and transform your reference photos to blend them together into an unusual landscape.

Use of simple strategies like atmospheric perspectivetexture, foreground, middle ground, and background to create a convincing landscape. Demo by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Deepti Menon.

Video Walkthrough

  • Selecting a group of images from the Art Prof reference photo collection on Flickr.
  • Using Goblin Valley as inspiration for a landscape.
  • Sketching thumbnails to figure out the landscape and composition.
  • Techniques for how to blend together several reference photos to invent an imagined landscape.
  • Start your thumbnails by looking at the largest shapes.
  • Drawing your thumbnails at a small scale, and drawing quickly lets you explore many more options.
  • How to create a landscape with a desolate atmosphere.
  • Thinking about where the horizon line is in a landscape.
  • Imagined landscapes allow you to shift the scale of objects.
  • Considering point of view inside the imaginary landscape.
  • Bird’s eye view vs. worm’s eye view.
  • Think about what direction the light is coming from in the scene.
  • Would creating a background story help create a better landscape composition?
  • You don’t need linear perspective to draw an organic, natural landscape.
  • How to use the Clipping Mask in Procreate.
  • Traditional and Digital media can be used together.

Plant Reference #1
Goblin Valley #54
Bird Reference #30
Mushroom Reference #79
Plant Reference #6

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