Landscape TRACK: Lesson 3, Light in Space

Prompt Examples Wadalafer, Ashley Tanelle, Neil Espinosa, JenK Shadows Drawing from Life vs. Photos 3D Reference Model Wadalafer Reference photos Tips Thumbnail Sketches: Line We recommend doing about 6 small thumbnail sketches to explore a diverse range of options for your composition. Start your first thumbnail sketches with line and think about how you want to place your subject onto […]

Light & Shadow in Portrait Painting

This video explains how lighting can be used in paintings to show form in a portrait. You’ll see how to break down the specifics of light and shadow: direct light, reflected light, shadow core, types of shadows, how light effects color. Lighting can establish a mood or narrative for a painting, and more. Lecture by […]

Color TRACK: Lesson 4, Night Painting

Prompt Create an artwork that depicts a scene at night. Consider how different types of lighting (natural light vs. artificial light) interact within a night scene. Explore the visual qualities of the night as well as the narrative elements behind this specific time of day. Inspiration Lauryn Welch Examples Helen Cook, Croooolik, Anna, Neil Espinosa […]

Natural Light vs Artificial Light

Lighting plays a huge role for artists and can dramatically effect the mood of an artwork. This video explains the differences between artificial light and natural light in illustrations, paintings, comics, films, animation and more. Examples in art show how natural lighting and artificial lighting create different visual affects, and how that can impact the […]

Lighting Characters

Creating different lighting situations for characters has impactful visual effects and can also be used as a narrative tool. The interaction of color and various types of light can create a broad range of color schemes. Lighting can be a very effective means of creating a mood or atmosphere to a character as well. Draw […]


Lighting can be a powerful visual tool in art! This video gets down to the nuts and bolts of how lighting works in an artwork, focusing on the specifics of different types of highlights and the various ranges of visual effects they create. Examples from art history and contemporary art show how artists can apply […]


This video explains how lighting works in art, focusing on shadows and breaking down the specific visual qualities. Knowing how shadows work, and understanding the difference between cast shadows and form shadows are important skills for all artists in order to create a broad range of visual effects in many art forms. Discussion led by […]