Natural Light vs Artificial Light

Lighting plays a huge role for artists and can dramatically effect the mood of an artwork. This video explains the differences between artificial light and natural light in illustrations, paintings, films, animation and more. Examples in art show how natural lighting and artificial lighting create different visual affects, and how that can impact the story or mood of an artwork. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Video Walkthrough

  • Natural light is sometimes soft and subtle, but it can also have high contrast.
  • Artificial light can be high contrast, but it can also be soft and subtle.
  • Natural light, outdoors, day time.
  • Natural light, outdoors, sunset.
  • Natural light, outdoors, night.
  • Natural light, underwater.
  • Natural light, indoors, from a window.
  • Artificial light, outdoors.
  • Artificial light, outdoors, night.
  • Artificial light, indoors.
  • Artificial light, theatrical context.

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