Expressive Drawing TRACK: Lesson 3

Prompt Create a drawing that captures the personality of an interior or exterior space by pretending you have X-ray vision. Inspiration Frank Gehry, Alberto Giacometti, Silke Schatz Draw from Life Ideally, draw the space from life so you can immerse yourself there. Being physically in the environment greatly influences the drawing experience. The spaces don’t […]

Expressive Drawing TRACK: Lesson 2

Prompt Draw a portrait based on the sensory experience of touching your face. Include the neck and some of the shoulders. Hand movements Consider in advance the type of hand movements you want to use on your face. The movements can be totally random, spontaneous, and haphazard. Do you want the movements to be slow? […]

Expressive Drawing TRACK: Lesson 1

Prompt Watch a slow motion video of a human figure in motion. Draw the human figure continuously as it moves. Inspiration Prof Lieu Start Aim to draw for a total of 60 min. You can break it up into 10 or 15 min. segments if necessary. You will be drawing over your drawings, move to […]

Personal Narratives TRACK: Lesson 6

Prompt Portray 6 levels of pain, using the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale as a reference. Tips “Pain” can be interpreted in so many different ways, read the dictionary definition to get you started. Pain can be physical, mental, or both at the same time, consider what point of view you want to portray. While you […]

Personal Narratives TRACK: Lesson 5

Prompt Draw your imagined future self at the age of 114. What is our physical appearance? What is your life like? Tips Consider not just yourself, but the world you imagine you would be living in at the age of 114. Your story can be tragic, hilarious, odd, fantastical, and more. While you can approach […]

Personal Narratives TRACK: Lesson 4

Prompt Show a moment of drama with any members of your family. Drama can take many forms: a forceful argument, a quiet moment, the anticipation before an event happens. Tips Don’t worry about achieving a likeness of the family members. The larger objective of the prompt is to explore the dynamics that are occurring between […]

Personal Narratives TRACK: Lesson 3

Prompt Create an artwork about a place that you used to visit in the past. The artwork can have any type of images: from real life to fantastical and surrealistic. Adding figure(s) into the place is optional. Brainstorming Tips Start by writing a list of places from your past. Try to choose a place that […]

Gelli Plates & Stencils

See step by step tutorial on how you can use stencils with gelli plates. Shown in this video is how to cut and design stencils, techniques for rolling ink onto the gelli plate, including rainbow rolls, and how to layer 1, 2, and 3 colors within a single print. Materials like printmaking paper, Dura-lar, breyers […]

Personal Narratives TRACK: Lesson 2

Prompt Portray an experience you had when you were 11-13 years old. Examples Maya, Bowsers Time Period Showing the time period when you were 11-13 years old can tremendously enhance the narrative. Examples: consider how important the time period is in shows like Stranger Things (1980s) and Mad Men. (1960s) Get as specific as you […]

Personal Narratives TRACK: Lesson 1

Prompt Create an artwork that portrays a routine that you either currently have, or had at some point in your life. Inspiration A Boston College Professor Has Taken a ‘Selfie’ Everyday for the Last 27 Years. Karl Baden’s feat is part of an ongoing project that explores mortality and obsession. Read more in Boston Magazine. […]

2022 Spring Raffle

A Message from Prof Lieu There are so many parts of Art Prof that I adore working on, but the moments that I absolutely cherish is seeing the artworks all of you create in response to our tutorials. That is one aspect between online teaching that is exactly the same as when I taught in […]

An incredible gesture

Every once in a while, something absolutely wonderful, that I never even dreamed of, emerges out of nowhere. I recently produced a video on Citra Solv image transfers. This video is a result of a very generous member of our community reached out to me, and offered to sponsor this video. (this person has chosen […]

Sponsor a Video

Are you aching for a soft pastel portrait tutorial featuring Chris Pine‘s chin? (He’s no Benedict Cumberbatch, but hey, why not if we all learn something!) Sponsor a video and make it possible for us to continue creating videos to serve our community and your needs as an artist. A generous sponsor in our community […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 6

Prompt Create a self-portrait of yourself as a real or imagined space. Establish anything from a specific mood, a visual style, the architecture of the space, and how those choices portray your life and experience. “I created this self portrait when I was a student at art school. I felt like my identity was a […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 5

Prompt Create an imaginary underwater space. Blend together a minimum of 5 reference photos. Adding figures or creatures is optional. Tips Try to use reference photos that aren’t literal to your images. For example, instead of using a photo of a sea anemone as a reference for seaweed in your artwork, use a photo of […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 4

Prompt Use items from the grocery store to observe from life in order to create an alien landscape. Examples Wadalafer Grocery Store Tips Search for a wide range of textures: items that are very coarse vs. items that are very smooth, shiny, bumpy, etc. Aim for a variety of heights in your objects, so items […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 3

Prompt Create an artwork of either an interior or exterior space. Define the space with dramatic lighting and cast shadows. Shadows Distinguish between cast shadows and form shadows. This slideshow has examples of how cast shadows and form shadows differ. Cast shadows are more likely to define the space and planes. Form shadows are more […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 2

Prompt Repeat a person or object within an interior or exterior space. Vary the scale of the person or object so that they get smaller as they move further back into the space. Use atmospheric perspective to create depth in the scene. atmospheric perspective tips Draw the objects in the foreground so that they have […]

Landscape TRACK: Lesson 1

Prompt Choose a room in your home that you think has a distinctive “personality.” What is it about that space that distinguishes it from others? How does that space make you feel when you are in it? Show us what that space means to you, tell us a story. tips for drawing from life Drawing […]

Brainstorming TRACK: Lesson 6

Prompt Create an artwork, from scratch to the final artwork. Include several stages of development in your process. stages List of key words Image search Mind map Mood boards Thumbnail sketches Reference photos Final Artwork Examples Bowsers Subject matter Work with any subject you want! One option is to continue with a subject you used […]

Photoshop: Caterpillar Illustration

See how to create an original illustration from the initial brainstorming stages all the way to the completed digital painting in Photoshop. This video discusses basic techniques in Photoshop for drawing thumbnail sketches, blocking in colors, shading, creating a convincing sense of light and shadow, and details. Also included is a demonstration of how to […]

Brainstorming TRACK: Lesson 5

Prompt Pick a thumbnail sketch to create reference photos for. Shoot 2 sets of reference photos: shoot your own + find photos online. If you don’t have a thumbnail from a personal project, use a thumbnail sketch from Lesson 4. Preliminary Sketch Create a preliminary sketch, no larger than 8″ x 10,” from both sets […]

Brainstorming TRACK: Lesson 4

Prompt Draw 6 thumbnail sketches. Choose 2 of the 6 thumbnail sketches to add color to. For the 2 color sketches, you can either color in the thumbnail as is, or try the tracing paper technique. (see below) Subject matter The subject matter is open. If you can’t think of a subject, create thumbnails based […]

Brainstorming TRACK: Lesson 3

Prompt Create 1-5 mood boards that fit your interests. Name each mood board for easy reference. Consider how you want to organize your mood boards Inspiration Jordan’s Pinterest Lauryn’s Instagram on pattern Lauryn’s Visual Journaling Art history & contemporary art sites Artsy Smarthistory Google Arts & Culture Illustration History PBS art21 Historical image archives Associated […]

Brainstorming TRACK: Lesson 2

Prompt Research your topic with a series of written text exercises to develop your idea further. article search: key words list Watch video segment Do a Google search on your topic. Scan the headlines and write a list of key words you notice. Be sure to use trusted websites like The New York Times, a […]

Brainstorming TRACK: Lesson 1

Prompt Select 3 rapid fire charts. Draw an image in response to each word in the chart. Time yourself 1st chart: 1 min. per word 2nd chart: 5 min. per word 3rd chart: 10 min. per word Inspiration Prof Lieu’s kid drew these when she was in the first grade! Examples Prof Lieu’s kid in […]

Color TRACK: Lesson 6

Prompt 1. Choose a still from a movie or TV series with a color palette that interests you. Why that color palette? Does it establish a mood, an atmosphere, a look you would like to explore? 2. Take that still and make a palette (digital or traditional media) that you can use as a reference. […]

Portrait TRACK: Lesson 6

prompt Choose an obituary from a newspaper. Create a portrait that shows who the person in the obituary is, beyond a description of their physical appearance. Newspaper obituaries The New York Times Overlooked, The New York Times The Washington Post The Times The Los Angeles Times The Wall Street Journal Examples Raven Kushner, JenK, Johanna […]

Portrait TRACK: Lesson 5

Inspiration This prompt is based off the characters Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, featured in Robert Louis Stevenson‘s book The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Prompt Choose 2 contrasting sides of your personality. Create a diptych of 2 images, 1 image for each side of your personality. Start by writing down a […]

Color TRACK: Lesson 5

Prompt Start a painting with an underpainting, using the complementary colors of the objects in the image. For example, in the painting below, the blue area in the underpainting was chosen because eventually the orange of the lobster will be painted over the blue. complementary colorS red & green blue & orange yellow & purple […]

Portrait TRACK: Lesson 4

Prompt Create a portrait that expresses an emotional mood by using an unrealistic color scheme. For some people it can be helpful to have a specific word to refer to the mood: sullen, perky, whimsical, livid, energetic, etc. Look up the word in the dictionary to get ideas for how you might represent your portrait. […]

Color TRACK: Lesson 4

Prompt Create an artwork that depicts a scene at night. Consider how different types of lighting (natural light vs. artificial light) interact within a night scene. Explore the visual qualities of the night as well as the narrative elements behind this specific time of day. Examples Helen Cook, Croooolik, Anna, Neil Espinosa Subject Matter The […]