Art Prof’s Unsexy Budget

Most of what we need to run Art Prof is quite… unsexy, but absolutely necessary so our content can stay free for everyone. You can cover 1 of these unsexy expenses below! We were able to produce this content below because of your contributions! museums art stores printmaking Expenses Expenses are 1/7 of our budget, […]

Workshop: Mastercopies

In this 2 week workshop, we will work on mastercopies of historical artwork as a means of deconstructing an artist’s techniques. A mastercopy is a unique experience of gaining a more in depth understanding of an artist’s process. “Discord is new to me. Prof Lieu went out of her way to help set me up […]

Open Studios Club

Open Studios Club is a casual virtual studio session where you can hang out with other artists, work on your own projects, and get feedback from our staff in real time on voice. Emmet, Ava, SC, Elvera, Uma This is an opportunity to learn and be inspired by a small group of artists in a […]

Creating Digital Collages for Composition

Digital collages will help you use your reference photos more effectively in your paintings. You’ll be able to create more ambitious compositions, and test of a ton of options quickly, and thereby get more diverse layouts. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough As a free educational source, Art Prof uses Amazon affiliate links […]

Does the Rule of Thirds Work?

Does the rule of thirds actually work? Or is it a bad technique that will limit what you can do with composition as an artist? Explained are the pros and cons of the rule of thirds, and the challenges of learning skills in composition. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Jordan […]

Reed & Wire Sculptures

Reed & wire are quick and easy materials to get started with 3D. See a demo on how to use these materials to construct a lively, dynamic sculpture. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu & Mia Rozear. Thank you to Cobalt Counseling for sponsoring this video!! Video Walkthrough Prof Lieu’s Tips I’ve talked to a […]

Woodcut: Relief Printmaking

See a step by step demo of the woodcut process, a relief printmaking technique from beginning to end. You’ll see comprehensive explanations of tools, types of wood, carving, inking, hand printing, pin registration, preparing paper, and more. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Thank you to our sponsor! Thank you to Arielle Finberg for sponsoring […]

Styrofoam Cup Sculptures: Step by Step Demo

See step by step how to construct sculptures using styrofoam cups and hot glue. Fundamentals like shape, overlap, negative space, and creating dynamic movement are explained, in addition to cutting techniques and ways to assemble the sculptures. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu with Teaching Artist Mia Rozear. Video Walkthrough Art Supplies Caution Utility Knives […]

Gelli Plates & Stencils

See step by step tutorial on how you can use stencils with gelli plates. Shown in this video is how to cut and design stencils, techniques for rolling ink onto the gelli plate, including rainbow rolls, and how to layer 1, 2, and 3 colors within a single print. Materials like printmaking paper, Dura-lar, breyers […]

An incredible gesture

Every once in a while, something absolutely wonderful, that I never even dreamed of, emerges out of nowhere. I recently produced a video on Citra Solv image transfers. This video is a result of a very generous member of our community reached out to me, and offered to sponsor this video. (this person has chosen […]

Sponsor a Video

Sponsoring a video is a wonderful gesture you can make to enrich our global community of artists. Read about the impact a sponsorship. Travel Videos We will show up in any country, if you can provide transportation and accommodations! Our trip to Bodie Historic Park in Mammoth Lakes, California was made possible by a generous […]

Photoshop: Caterpillar Illustration

See how to create an original illustration from the initial brainstorming stages all the way to the completed digital painting in Photoshop. This video discusses basic techniques in Photoshop for drawing thumbnail sketches, blocking in colors, shading, creating a convincing sense of light and shadow, and details. Also included is a demonstration of how to […]

Drawing Female Portraits with Conté Crayon

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates how to do drawings of a heads using Conté Crayon. Prof Lieu explains how sketch the essential bony structures of the skull, and then how to knock in big patches of tone to give the head mass and weight. Video Walkthrough Reference Photos Prof Lieu’s Tips In terms of capturing the gesture […]

Portrait Curriculum

The complete Portrait Curriculum for Self-taught Artists is a series of 3 videos. Portraits 1: Types of Portraits Portraits 2: Portrait Skills

Drawing a Skeleton Inside a Figure

A great exercise for learning anatomy as an artist is drawing a skeleton inside a figure drawing. By drawing the skeleton as you draw the human figure, you are able to see the connections between the figure. Explained are the various bony landmarks, providing a fundamental understanding of how the skeletal structure in a figure […]

How to Start a Comic

Learn all the logistics and art skills you’ll need to start a comic. There are many components to the process: coming up with the idea for the comic, determining the length. Considering the panel format, designing the environments and characters, the drawing process, figuring out what art medium to work are all important skills to […]

Artistic Anatomy Lecture: Centerline

This video explains the structure of the spine in the torso, focusing on the “centerline” of the human figure. The centerline is visible on the back and the front of the figure on the torso, and is an effective reference to search for when beginning a gesture drawing of a human figure. The centerline can […]

How to Draw Clothing

This seven part series demonstrates how to draw clothing, with each video focusing on a specific fold type. Each demo begins with a brief discussion of how each fold type behaves, as well as concrete tips for how to approach drawing the specific fold type. Discussions and drawing demos by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan […]

How to Draw Clothing: Moving Folds

Watch a drawing demo on how to draw clothing, starting with a brief discussion to explain the different fold types. There are several different fold types: pipe fold, moving fold, half lock fold, dead fold, diaper fold, zig zag fold, and spiral fold. The drawing demo shows drawing techniques using Procreate and colored pencils on […]

How to Draw Clothing: Pipe Folds

This demo is a drawing demo on how to draw clothing, starting out with a comprehensive explanation of the different fold types. These fold types include: pipe fold, moving fold, half lock fold, dead fold, diaper fold, zig zag fold, and spiral fold. The drawing demo shows Procreate and colored pencil techniques on how to […]

Mastercopies in Ballpoint Pen & Photoshop

Creating a mastercopy of a historical drawing is an effective exercise for honing your drawing skills. This video is a hands on demo that provides tips for how to get started with a mastercopy. There is also a discussion that provides insight into the value doing a mastercopy can have to advance and strengthen your […]

Artist Business TRACK

The Artist Business Track will give you a solid foundation of content, presented in a professional manner to help launch your career as an artist. Ongoing AssignmentLesson 1 • Lesson 2 • Lesson 3Lesson 4 • Lesson 5 • Lesson 6 Whether you want to sell, network, or engage with an audience this track will get you to form a strategy for […]

Procreate: Digital Mastercopies

Copying a digital painting is a great exercise to develop your digital painting skills and analyze the techniques used in great paintings. In this video we demonstrates how to make a mastercopy in Procreate. This video shows the step by step process how start one, while also prodiving reasons for what you can learn and […]

Digital Basics TRACK

This Digital Basics Track will help develop your skills in digital drawing and painting techniques. For those of you who have experience with digital art, this track can be really useful to refresh and enhance the skills you already have. Ongoing AssignmentLesson 1 • Lesson 2 • Lesson 3Lesson 4 • Lesson 5 • Lesson […]

Alcohol Inks & Colored Pencil: Table Setting

See how to get started with alcohol Inks, and the broad range of visual effects you can create. This demo shows how the alcohol inks behave with Yupo Paper, watercolor paper, and with tools like Q-tips, sumi brushes, cotton rags, and more. Techniques with the alcohol inks shown include how to layer colors, how to […]

Palette Knife Paintings: Mixing Flesh Tones

See a painting demo of how to mix flesh tones using water mixable oil paints and a palette knife. Using exclusively a palette knife is an effective way to focus entirely on the color mixing process by removing the distraction of needing to address brush technique at the same time. Painting a self-portrait from life, […]

Ballpoint Pen & Watercolor: Imagined Environment

This video shows how to draw an environment from imagination using ballpoint pen and watercolor techniques. Diverse experiences, gathering reference images and objects serve as the inspiration for creating this imaginary environment Shown is a plein air drawing session on site using soft pastels, a trip to the grocery store to buy unusual looking produce, […]

Cats: Gesture Drawing with Colored Pencil & Markers

This video shows how you can draw from real life! See a demo of how to do gesture drawings from life using Faber-Castell colored pencils and Pitt pens. Discussed in the video are the many advantages of drawing from life, as well as the challenges. See how to draw cats who simply won’t sit still! […]

Drawing a Female Back Torso with Graphite Powder

See a drawing demo which explains the anatomy of the back while also showing pencil drawing techniques to achieve a convincing sense of realistic form. Anatomical landmarks shown include the scapula, pelvis, centerline, the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine, and more. Techniques for creating tone are shown using graphite powder, a white plastic eraser, a kneaded […]

10 min. Art Prompts

This videos provides simple art prompts that can be done in literally 10 minutes so self-taught artists can jump start their studio art practice. These are prompts are easy, accessible, and quick to start with bare bones art supplies. Sometimes the toughest part of the creative process is getting started. These prompts will get your […]

Art Prof Timed Drawing Videos

Practice your drawing skills with our timed drawing session videos! These videos makes drawing practice easy: get your drawing supplies and follow along as each pose plays with a timer. Portraits • Human Figure • Landscapes & Plants • Mammals • Underwater • Birds • Bones All of the reference photos used in these timed drawing videos are available on Art Prof’s free reference photo collection […]

Artist Books: Lotus & Meandering Folds

Handmade artist books are lovely objects that can be very three-dimensional with techniques like the lotus fold and meandering fold. This video demonstrates these two book folding techniques, which include book covers, archival book glue, paper, specialized tools like a bone folder, and more. The end result is a beautiful handmade artist book which you […]