Cats: Gesture Drawing with Colored Pencil & Markers

This video shows how you can draw from real life! See a demo of how to do gesture drawings from life using Faber-Castell colored pencils and Pitt pens.

Discussed in the video are the many advantages of drawing from life, as well as the challenges.

27 min. video

See how to draw cats who simply won’t sit still! Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch, featuring Lauryn’s cats, Tor and Spicy.

Video Walkthrough

  • Gesture drawings aren’t glamorous, and yet they are a critical skill.
  • A lot of people prioritize details in a drawing; details are what impress people, but the gesture part of a drawing is fundamental.
  • Start gesture drawings with the biggest shapes and move incrementally to the smaller ones.
  • Challenges of drawing a moving subject, it’s not impossible!
  • Being able to see the subject in person and observe their movements helps you capture their character.
  • Drawings that are photo realistic and which appear very accurate often do not capture the personality of a subject.
  • Looking at the relationships to figure out proportions.
  • Drawing patterns on Tor’s patterned sweater.
  • Gesture drawings require being bold and confident in your process.
  • Learning how to streamline and make your drawing process more efficient is very helpful.
  • Consider the line quality in your gesture drawings, how can you vary the width and darkness of the line.
Gesture Drawing: Drawing Cats

Prof Lieu’s Tips

Clara cartoon

I am frequently surprised by how amazing the world is, regardless of how mundane something can appear. People often tell me they have a hard time finding something to draw

Imaginary Environment: Ballpoint Pen Drawing & Watercolor Illustration
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I’m convinced that it’s more that we have to take the time to slow down and notice things that we typically would pass right by.

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