Proportions for Figure Drawing

This video explains & demonstrates how to draw convincing proportions when drawing the human figure. Techniques for figuring out proportions in the drawing process are explained in detail, as well as the basic anatomical relationships of the largest parts of the human figure. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Video Walkthrough

  • Ineffectiveness of measuring systems for figure proportions
  • Sharpening observational drawing skills, instead of measuring
  • Training yourself to “measure” with your eye
  • Proportions are about relationships
  • Draw the entire figure to learn proportions thoroughly
  • Don’t draw body parts in isolation, draw them in relation to each other
  • Add the figure’s cast shadow to ground the figure on a plane
  • There are no straight lines on the figure
  • Proportions are more visible if you step back and look from a distance
  • Compare the width/height of body parts to figure out their size
  • The importance of drawing a broad range of body types