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A portfolio critique is a terrific opportunity to get a comprehensive look into your studio practice, artistic goals, and development.

For many artists, getting an insightful critique and support is hard to find. Our staff provide a professional opinion that is aligned with their related industries in the art world.

Portfolio Critiques, Clara Lieu
Prof Lieu

Who are portfolio critiques for?

Portfolio critiques are for artists of all levels of experience: self taught artists, beginners, professionals, degree program candidates, and more.

What is covered in a portfolio critique?

Each portfolio critique is 30 minutes long with 8-20 images of your art + audio from our staff. 

We begin the portfolio critique by speaking about the entire portfolio overall, providing fundamental strategies that can be applied to your studio practice.

Next, we critique each individual artwork in the portfolio. We focus on specific areas of each artwork and make concrete recommendations for improvement by directing you to our free resources.

Portfolio Critiques, Alex Rowe
Monika Hedman, Alex Rowe

What if I have questions?

We are happy to answer any specific questions you have about your portfolio, just write them in your artist statement when you submit the form.

Watch sample portfolio critiques

BFA Portfolio Critique by Prof Lieu

Degree Program Portfolio Critiques

We critique art school portfolios for students applying to BFA, Post-Baccalaureate, and MFA programs as first year students, as well as transfer students. 

Applications for degree programs are challenging, and preparing the portfolio is often confusing for many candidates.

You don’t have to prepare your portfolio on your own! Getting feedback from professionals on your portfolio is essential to produce your best artworks.

Purchase a Portfolio Critique, Lauryn Welch & Clara Lieu
Lauryn Welch & Prof Lieu

Artist Portfolio Critiques

An artist portfolio critique is a great way to get a fresh pair of eyes on your work. Our staff covers a broad range of fields in the art world and can provide insight into each of these industries.

concept art /
visual development
  • Backgrounds
  • Character Design
  • Creature Design
  • Props
  • Vehicles
fine arts

Critique Rates

Prof Lieu

10 business days: $300 USD

2 business days: $350 USD

24 hours: $450 USD

Teaching ArtistS

Alex, Lauryn, Deepti, Jordan

10 business days: $250 USD

2 business days: $300 USD


Questions? Email Prof Lieu.

Painting Portfolio Critique by Lauryn Welch