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Hang out with us live on YouTube as we chat and demo diverse art topics.


Learn & develop at your own pace with a structured track of assignments and videos.

BFA Art School Portfolios Track
bfa Art school portfolios track

Art Critiques

Free Critiques

Critiques are a terrific way to get feedback on your artwork in order to foster your creative growth and progress. Submit your portfolio, your artist website, or Instagram to be considered for a free live critique on YouTube.

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Buy a Critique or Artist Call

Whether you’re a beginner, applying to art school, or an independent artist, purchasing a critique is a great way to get a fresh pair of eyes on your work from trusted professionals. An artist call with one of our staff artists can provide advice that is customized to your creative needs.

  • Portfolio Critique
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  • Artist Call

Art Dares

Every month, try something new through our art dares and learn with the community. We feature art dare participants in live streams and give out prizes!

September: Video Shorts

This month’s art prompt:

Create a 15-30 second video short about your art practice, using a vertical format.


Art Prof Share

We love it when you create artworks in response to our videos! To show what our community is making, we feature your artworks during our live streams to show your artistic growth.

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