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Art Prof is a community for learning visual arts, we are 100% free!

Art Prof provides equal access to art education on a global scale.

We are removing barriers that exist due to the cost of higher education, online course with a paywall, and private art classes. Our content is a good fit for ages 12 and up.

Practical, hands-on art tutorials

Our tutorials provide accessible approaches to drawing, digital media, painting, printmaking, 3D, animation, and more.


International community of artists, of all ages

Art Prof is a community that generously encourages and supports each other. Hang out with us in our Discord, get feedback on your art, and participate in our monthly Art Dares!

Diverse team of artists who are experienced classroom teachers 

Our diverse staff of artists are teachers with many years of classroom experience in higher education, high school, and other ages.

Contemporary topics & issues in art

We tackle a broad range of challenging, but important topics in our discussions, from current events, mental health for artists, race, gender & sexuality, art history & contemporary art, copyright law, plagiarism, art industries, higher education, and more.

Professional Development for Artists

We produce up to date, comprehensive professional development resources which provide concrete specifics, career opportunities, and overall strategies for students, teachers, and independent artists.

Welcome to the Art Prof Family! ❤️ Learn more.

© 2021 ArtProf. All rights reserved. Site Disclaimer.
© 2021 ArtProf. All rights reserved. Site Disclaimer.