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2023 Salt Lake City Workshops:

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Hang out with us live on YouTube as we chat and demo diverse art topics.


Our free TRACKS are structured sequences of video lessons and prompts you can do at your own pace. View our galleries of Track victors! Hang out with other artists doing a track in our Discord server.

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Selling Your Art Premium Workshop Sample

Our premium tracks are a structured learning environment where you work closely with our staff for 6 weeks. We offer 1 day premium workshops in on a variety of topics.

You’ll have access to private channels in our Discord where you’ll receive prompt critiques and support. See our Premium Track schedule and Premium Workshops Schedule for more info.

Critiques, Artist Calls, Editing Services

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Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster

An artist call with one of our staff artists can provide advice that is customized to your creative needs. Purchasing a portfolio critique is a great way to get a fresh pair of eyes on your work and overall tips to improve.

We have editing services to help you with your artist statements, art school applications, and more. You can hire Prof Lieu to lecture on several topics including professional development and remote learning.

Art Dares

Every month, try something new through our art dares and learn with the community. We feature art dare participants in live streams and give out prizes!

December: Artist Memes

Create a meme on being an artist, art history, or contemporary art.


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Gelli Plate & Stencils Tutorial Shoot

We love it when you create artworks in response to our content! To show what our community is making, we feature your artworks during our live streams to show your artistic growth. Submit your artwork to be considered for a video feature.

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Discord Stage Session

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