Sculpting a Dog in Air Dry Clay

See how to sculpt and model a sculpture of a boxer dog, using air clay in white and terracotta colors. Techniques for using colored clays together are explored, including adding graphite powder to the air dry clay to darken it. Hear about the specifics of working with air dry clay, including how to deal with […]

Liquid Sculpey Experiments

See different ways Liquid Sculpey can be used by artists to create various shapes and forms that can be manipulated into a number of ways. Liquid Sculpey is incredibly versatile, and can be used in many diverse and exciting ways. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Deepti Menon. Video Walkthrough Art Supplies […]

Oil Pastel & Watercolor in Southern Utah

See how to combine oil pastel and watercolor, painting plein air on site in Southern Utah. Techniques for how to layer the watercolor and oil pastels together to create the bark and textures of a tree, as well as the grass and forms of colored rocks are explained in depth. Demo and commentary by Art […]

Landscape Painting in Óbidos, Portugal

See a landscape plein air painting from beginning to end, using watercolor and micron pens to show a panoramic scene in Óbidos, a village in Portugal. The combination of micron pens with watercolors is explained in depth, as well as the distinctive look of Óbidos through repeated colors throughout the city. Demo by Cat Huang […]

Lisbon Botanical Gardens: Plein Air Watercolor Painting

See the process of painting on site at the Lisbon Botanical Gardens using various watercolor techniques. Explained in depth are all the considerations in creating a watercolor painting: color scheme, composition, texture, working reductively in a watercolor painting, and more. Specific watercolor supplies that are practical for painting on site are explained. Demo and commentary […]

Drypoint: Intaglio Printmaking

See step by step how to do a drypoint, a non acid intaglio printmaking technique where an etching needle is used to etch directly into a copper plate. This video demos techniques like beveling plates, how to set up a press for a home studio, drawing on a copper plate with an etching needle, wiping […]

Rotoscoping with Procreate

See a step by step tutorial on how to do rotoscoping, an animation technique where you trace over live action footage to create an animated short. This tutorial uses Procreate, which makes the rotoscoping process easy and accessible for anyone starting out with animation. Demo led by Teaching Artist Deepti Menon and Art Prof Clara […]

Sculpting Skulls with Air Dry Clay

See two ways to sculpt a skull in air dry clay: a skull with a small wire armature to stand it up, and a distorted skull without an armature. Hear about the specifics of working with air dry clay, including the many advantages that are inherent in the clay such as using water to moisten […]

Image Transfers with Citra Solv

See step by step how to do an image transfer using Citra Solv and magazine pages that are in color. Image transfer techniques are exciting because of their unpredictable results and the faded, antique look that the magazine pages are transformed into. This demo explains all of the materials you’ll need, safety hazards (don’t do […]

Polymer Clay & Carving a Sweet Potato

See a demo on how to carve a sweet potato and how to sculpt with Sculpey to create surrealistic face brooches. Explained are the advantages of using polymer clay, showing three different colors of Original Sculpey. Learning to sculpt with carving tools can be very challenging. A sweet potato which is easy to carve, but […]

How to Draw Profile Portraits in Charcoal & Photoshop

See a drawing demo on how to draw a portrait in profile. Explained are tips for how to create a convincing portrayal of a profile, including what facial structures are important to emphasize. Techniques for rendering light and shadow to create a convincing portrait are discussed as well. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

Soft Pastel Drawing: Table Setting

This video is a step by step drawing demo of soft pastel techniques for drawing a scene of a table setting with a dish, napkins, and glasses. The development of the drawing is explained from scratch. Prof Lieu explains in depth the technical aspects of the drawing process and the creative decisions that are made […]

How to Draw Arms in Charcoal & Photoshop

Get concrete tips and anatomy advice on how to draw arms in a convincing way. Arms have a complex structure of bones, ligaments, and muscles that can be challenging to figure out. This drawing tutorial provides specific landmarks to identify and how to put all the parts together to create a fluid drawing. Demo by […]

Watercolor & Gouache: Painting Portraits

See a portrait painting demo using characters from Wes Anderson’s film The French Dispatch. This video provides tips and techniques for how to create a convincing portrait using a monochromatic color scheme using watercolor and gouache. Techniques like the skull in the portrait to achieve a solid structure, a range of value and contrast, as […]

Pan Pastel Drawing: Baron Harkonnen

See how to capture the dark personality of Baron Harkonnen in the 2021 Dune movie using PanPastel drawing techniques. Techniques for shading, blending, and creating a range of slick and smooth surfaces are explored in this tutorial. This tutorial also looks at how to render form in a convincing manner using a limited color scheme. […]

How to Draw Clothing: Moving Folds

Watch a drawing demo on how to draw clothing, starting with a brief discussion to explain the different fold types. There are several different fold types: pipe fold, moving fold, half lock fold, dead fold, diaper fold, zig zag fold, and spiral fold. The drawing demo shows drawing techniques using Procreate and colored pencils on […]

Digital Painting: Texture Cubes

Enhance your digital painting skills with this prompt, which asks you to paint a broad range of textures, as three-dimensional cubes in digital media. Creating a convincing sense of texture in your digital art will greatly impact your range and visual vocabulary as an artist. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Jordan McCracken-Foster. Examples Artworks by @pandapufkin, […]

Alcohol Inks & Colored Pencil: Table Setting

See how to get started with alcohol Inks, and the broad range of visual effects you can create. This demo shows how the alcohol inks behave with Yupo Paper, watercolor paper, and with tools like Q-tips, sumi brushes, cotton rags, and more. Techniques with the alcohol inks shown include how to layer colors, how to […]

Trying Procreate for the First Time

Watch Prof Lieu fall on her face trying digital art for the first time in Procreate. Will decades of experience with traditional media make any difference here??? (answer: nope, especially when it comes to deleting layers…) Thankfully Jordan McCracken-Foster patiently held her hand through every step. Video Walkthrough Software Reference Photos As a free educational […]

Colored Pencil Drawing: Tea & Scones

See colored pencil techniques for drawing a scene of tea and scones. Techniques shown in colored pencil include how to layer colors, how to create gradients and blend to get specific colors, and how to create a balance of saturated and muted colors, and more. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough Art […]

Gelli Plate Monotype Prints

You don’t need a press to create monotypes, all you need is a gelli plate, some water based Akua printmaking inks, and printmaking paper! Prof Lieu demonstrates every step of the process, showing wiping techniques, brush techniques, registration, and the printing process to create a monochromatic monotype. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and […]

Drawing in China: Brush Pens & Collage

The Art Prof team travels to Guangzhou, China where they draw on site using alcohol based markers, water based brush pens, felt tip pens, and mixed media collage to show the urban sketching process from beginning to end. Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Eloise Sherrid, Casey Roonan, and Lauryn Welch discuss the challenges […]

Procreate Animation: Snails

See how an animation of a snail is made in 1 hour in Procreate! Using basic techniques in Procreate is a quick way to whip up a fun, simple animation of a snail character. Inspiration is taken from our reference photos of snails, available on our free reference photo collection on Flickr. Demo led by […]

Table of Contents for Tutorials by Medium

Index 3D  Animation  Collage  Comics  Digital  Drawing  Painting  Printmaking  3D  Animation  Collage  Comics  Digital  Drawing  Painting  Printmaking 

Sculpting a Foot in Oil Based Clay

This two part series demonstrates from beginning to end how to sculpt a small scale foot without using a wire armature. The clay used in this series is plastilene, an oil based clay that is flexible and safe for home art studios.  Working from custom reference photos that were shot specifically for the sculpture from […]

Drawing Celebs as Monsters in Oil Pastel & Procreate

Draw a celebrity and transform them into a monster! Techniques in Procreate and oil pastel + colored pencil are shown here as a means to illustrating these monster portraits, and approaches to distortion, drawing a range of textures and forms are explained. Demo led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Deepti Menon. Video […]

Procreate Animation, Ball Bounce

This video shows step by step, how to do a simple ball bounce animation in Procreate, using a bounce guide as a reference for the movement. Next, simple shapes are added to the ball, like eyes, wings, horns, etc. in order to turn the ball into a character. Demo led by Guest Teaching Artist Sean […]

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding

Coptic Stitch Bookbinding is a beautiful way to create a handmade sketchbook. This video demonstrates the Coptic stitch on a large scale book model, providing very clear and easy to follow step by step instructions. Different options for bookbinding materials and specialized tools like a bone folder and curved needles are explained. Demo led by […]

Multi-Color Linoleum Printmaking

This video shows multi-color linoleum block printing techniques from beginning to end, in order to create an editorial illustration. The process begins by brainstorming ideas from an article in the New York Times, and then transitions into drawing a mind map and into drawing thumbnail sketches. Techniques for carving into the linoleum are done, showing […]

3D Design: Chipboard

Art Prof Clara Lieu presents a basic 3D design project using chipboard and glue guns to construct a sculpture which is an abstract representation of the artist’s personality, with Annelise Yee. Prof Lieu begins with a brainstorming activity as a starting point for generating shapes and designs that will visually show an artist’s personality. Cutting […]

Intro to Oil Painting: Part 1 – Basics

In part 1 of this oil painting tutorial, essential techniques, materials, and approaches to oil painting are thoroughly covered. (Watch Part 2) Topics covered include all of the supplies: brushes, palette knives, oil paints, palettes, surfaces, and more. Safety hazards which include ventilation and disposal are explained in depth, as well as brush techniques, painting […]

Oil vs. Acrylic

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Alex Rowe discuss all of the differences between oil and acrylic paint in great depth, as well as their similarities. It’s essential for any artist who paints to know what the technical differences are between oil and acrylic paint. The dry time varies tremendously, the solvents and mediums […]