Trying Procreate for the First Time

Watch Prof Lieu fall on her face trying digital art for the first time in Procreate.

Will decades of experience with traditional media make any difference here??? (answer: nope, especially when it comes to deleting layers…)

Thankfully Jordan McCracken-Foster patiently held her hand through every step.

Digital Tool Recommendations

Video Walkthrough

  • There are SO many brush options on Procreate, how do you even begin to figure out which one to use?
  • Brush settings: the size, the opacity, the color are all to be considered.
  • Creating multiple layers allows for a lot more flexibility and changes.
  • Play around with many brushes to find one that suits your needs.
  • Many brushes have specific textures to them.
  • Changing the opacity on an entire layer to do tweaks.
  • Draw with the Apple Pencil to get more variety of strokes.
  • The Apple Pencil is sensitive to the physical pressure of your lines.
  • The physical pressure of your lines is often times faster and easier to adjust rather than changing the size and opacity of the brush.
  • Creating layers is a fundamental part of digital painting.
  • Merging layers is a helpful tweak.
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