Mia Rozear

I am an illustration fanatic currently studying at RISD, set to graduate with a BFA in 2022. Besides the full time job of being a student, I love creating extra projects for myself to keep busy. Whether it be painting a tarot deck from scratch or learning to make rugs, I’m always looking for new ways to be creative.

No matter the medium, I love to tell peculiar stories through my work. My favorite art supply has to be watercolor, although I am falling deeper in love with digital painting every day.

Artist Statement

My hope for the future is to be an illustrator who tells original stories. I think I would also love to set up creative spaces where artists can work together. I have many plans for future projects, so stay tuned!

My subjects are of the everyday. I paint my partner, our trinkets, plants, cats, birds, and windows. I try to create a sense of space, and use color and pattern to unify the detail in my work. Mine is an iterative process of reconfiguring old paintings within the new to create worlds within worlds.

Mia Rozear

Super Power

Watercolor, Digital, Ballpoint Pen

Favorite artists

Jamie Hewlett, Ari Aster, Maxfield Parrish, John Singer Sargent, Alphonse Mucha

Video Profile