Mia Rozear

I am an illustrator and painter living in Providence. I did my BFA in Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Though I try to focus on one niche artistic interest at a time, I find it nearly impossible with all of the beautifully different forms of expression available to us in the world.

I love diving into different pools of research for each project– tarot, family history, ornithology, to name a few– and expressing my findings through whatever media I see fit.

Due to my wandering eye I tend to have multiple projects going at a time, and as chaotic as my studio looks, I never find myself bored!

No matter the medium, I love to tell peculiar stories through my work. My favorite art supply has to be watercolor or oil paint, though I am a big fan of digital media as well.

Mia Rozear

Watercolor, Digital, Oil, Textiles, Printmaking

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Artist Statement

As an illustrator I aim to tell curious stories that feel plucked from a lighthearted cabinet of curiosities.

Watercolor is my medium of choice, but I am also drawn to oil paint, rug tufting, woodcut & linoleum printmaking, scratchboard, and much more!

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In my work I pull from my childhood & dissociative daydreams to share series of works pondering girlhood, existentialism, and the small things in life we might be quick to pass over.

Mia Rozear

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Mia Rozear