How Do I Find My Art Style?

Do you feel pressure to find your art style, but don’t know how? TGet concrete tips for what you can do to find your own artistic voice in a genuine and effective manner that won’t stifle opportunities. Having a distinct art style is what artists are known for, and yet finding your style can feel […]

Painting a Series: Tarot Card Deck

Hear about the in depth process of creating 78 hand painted tarot cards from beginning to end. This video explains the many challenges of creating a series of artworks. This includes coming up with the idea for the series, how to do the research, figuring out the sketching process, development of the imagery, painting technique […]

Does My Art Need Deep Meaning?

Many artists wonder whether their art has to have “deep meaning” to be valid. Does art have to have a meaningful message in order to be art, or can art be a purely visual experience for the artist and viewer? Who determines what art needs to have, the artist, the audience, both? Discussion led by […]

How Do I Know My Artwork is Finished?

How do you know your artwork is finished??? In every artwork, it’s never clear when an artwork is done! This video provides tips for signals in your creative process that you can look for. What are visual cues in your artwork that you can look for to determine whether your artwork is finished or not? […]

5 Tips for a Home Art Studio

Here are 5 tips for setting up an effective art studio at home, explaining methods for creating an alert, productive mindset in place for the home studio as well as practical aspects such as keeping your space clean and functional. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch & Alex Rowe. […]