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Please write checks to Art Prof Projects LLC, and mail to:

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Ongoing Expenses

Art Prof Wish List

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Assistant editors
  • Increase our social media assistant’s job
  • Teaching Artists in the Discord regularly
  • Long overdue equipment upgrades

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Purchase original artworks created by our staff artists during our live streams on Etsy.


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Monthly Giveaways for Patreon Supporters

We draw a name in an Instagram Story every month from our Patreon supporters to receive one of the prizes below!

Prize #1

Get 3 months access to our de-medici voice channel + the #de-medici-chat channel in the Art Prof Discord. Attend weekly voice sessions with our staff artists.

Prize #2

Only available to U.S. residents

Pick any mug from our merch shop!

Prize #3

Only available to U.S. residents

Get Prof Lieu’s book Learn, Create, & Teach: A Guide to Building a Creative Life.

Prize #4

Only available to U.S. residents

Pick any T-Shirt from our merch shop!

Prize #5

Only available to U.S. residents

Get Teaching Artist Cat Huang’s comic book, The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox, illustrated from her middle school diaries!

Prize #6

Only available to U.S. residents

Pick any sticker from our merch shop!

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Discord Voice Sessions for Patreon Supporters

voice sessions

Interact directly with our staff artists on voice!  We chat about everything: get a critique, social media tips, a motivational boost, anything! Watch a sample of a voice session.

The voice sessions are accompanied by 2 text channels: #de-medici-chat & #sforza-chat. You can post in these channels any time.


Join our Discord and check the pinned messages in the #de-medici-chat & #sforza-chat channels to get the most recent updates.

Our $20 “de Medici” Patreon tier has voice sessions 1x per week, while the $50 “Sforza” Patreon tier has voice sessions 2x per week.

Sneak peak into what that looks like.