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“The Patreon group has great peers for me, (others with similar experience and interests) and it’s easier for me to remember people in the smaller group. I even met up with one of the Patreon group to go on a museum visit!”


How to Join our Patreon Group

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de Medici Group

Voice sessions 1x/week
$20 USD/month

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Sforza Group

Voice sessions 2x/week
$50 USD/month

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Prof Lieu Empire

Voice sessions 2x/week
$100 USD/month

Share your art in weekly voice sessions


“There are very few places where fine artists congregate and actually discuss and critique art and support each other with their knowledge, observations and encouragement.”

voice session schedule

Critiques & support from Prof Lieu

Clara Lieu

“Art Prof fill the gaps in my self-taught practice through rigor, community and critique.

I’m not inclined to enroll in art school for a number of reasons, but Art Prof has such robust content delivered through user-friendly platforms and skilled teaching artists who are invested in our growth, I don’t need a formal academic program.”

Connect with artists in a small group

Cat & Mia

“This is the only art community I feel comfortable being in. It is the feeling of close ‘family and friends’ connection with Prof Lieu and other learners.”

“Anyone, of any ability level is welcome and treated the same as someone who’s been doing art for a long time, or even professionally.”

“Art Prof promotes a very civil, kind, and encouraging culture. I love that in videos and streams that you’re not afraid to show mistakes! This brings a very human touch to the tutorials and discussions that you share.”

Clara Lieu, Cat Huang

“I feel like there’s a more consistent community in the Patreon group — I’m making more personal connections with people than in the public Discord channels, plus more access to Prof Lieu.

She has a magical ability to help me see connections in my current work/interests to my early art experiences.”

Lauryn Welch

“I feel that Prof Lieu genuinely cares about our progress. I don’t think this is the case in most other online art communities.”

Patreon Group Voice Sessions Schedule

These dates are subject to change, please check #de-medici-news in our Discord for the most recent updates.

Discord Stage Session

June 2023

Thurs, June 8 @ 12pm EST

with: Prof Lieu

Tues, June 13 @ 12pm EST

with: Prof Lieu

Fri, June 16 @ 12pm EST

with: Lauryn

Tues, June 20 @ 12pm EST

with: Prof Lieu

Fri, June 23 @ 12pm EST

with: Lauryn

Tues, June 27 @ 9pm EST

with: Jordan

Fri, June 30 @ 12pm EST

with: Deepti

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