Art Supply Reactions

We are the ultimate art supply nerds! We want to help you get quality, up to date information on specific art supplies you are curious about.

You can send an art supply you are curious about to 1 of our staff, and we will produce shorts and live streams where we react and demo the supply.

How it works: Prof Lieu

Liquid charcoal live stream

Live stream demo

  • On a live stream, she’ll show her first reaction to the art supply.
  • Prof Lieu will do tests on the supply, and then create an artwork or sketches to demonstrate possible applications.
  • Depending on the supply, Prof Lieu may produce a short like this one after the live stream. (note that this is not guaranteed)
pearlescent watercolor painting test

How it works: Teaching Artists

  • Purchase an art supply, book, or other item from a Teaching Artist’s wish list.
Teaching artist Wish Lists

1 min. video

Art supply suggestions

art supply gnomes

Thank you!

  • We love saying thank you when art supplies show up!
  • Unless you specify otherwise, we will thank you on our sites with your first name only.
  • You can contribute anonymously too, make sure you tell us.
art supply gnomes
Patreon group gif