Art Supplies Hidden at Home

This video shows you some examples of free or inexpensive art supplies you did not know you already have at home. Sometimes the simplicity of a household item is a terrific challenge to get your creative juices flowing! You don’t need expensive art supplies bought from the art store in order to create exciting artwork. […]

Why Did You Light Your Painting on Fire?

By: Monika Hedman Art Prompt Find something that is completely different from what you’ve used in the past. You use acrylic paint a lot? Mix in some sand into the acrylic paint. Or coffee grounds. Or dish soap. Pencil is your favorite drawing media? Try adding a collage element.  I often get asked why I […]

Art Supplies on a Budget: Get Away With Paying Less

By: Olivia Hunter Buying art supplies for my classes at Parsons School of Design can be quite an ordeal. All art and design students have to endure many trips to the nearest art supply store for their classes; it’s just a part of life at an art school. Whenever I take a trip to Blick, I’m usually pleasantly […]

Creative DIY Home Art Supplies

There’s a lot around the house that students can experiment with and incorporate into art projects. Here are some of our favorites. Paint materials Drawing tools 3D materials Collage supplies Paint materials Flower PetalsMost colored flower petals can be rubbed into paper to make lovely patches of color. TurmericMix turmeric with a bit of water and you’ll […]