Art Supply Reactions

We are the ultimate art supply nerds! We want to help you get quality, up to date information on specific art supplies you are curious about. You can send an art supply you are curious about to 1 of our staff, and we will produce shorts and live streams where we react and demo the […]

Drawing Curriculum 1: Supplies

This video is part 1 in a Drawing Curriculum designed for self-taught artists. (Watch Part 2 & Part 3) This discussion provides an insight into the immense range and types of drawing media: charcoal, colored pencils, graphite, erasers, pastels, pens, markers, scratchboard, inks, drawing surfaces, drawing accessories, smudging tools, surfaces, and sketchbooks. Discussion led by […]

Painting Curriculum 3: Tools

This video is a comprehensive look at the broad range of tools, both traditional and unconventional that can be used in oil, acrylic, ink, watercolor, and gouache. Brush shapes & types, palette knives, cleaning tools, and more are explained. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Alex Rowe. Video Walkthrough Resources The […]

Art Supplies Hidden at Home

This video shows you some examples of free or inexpensive art supplies you did not know you already have at home. Sometimes the simplicity of a household item is a terrific challenge to get your creative juices flowing! You don’t need expensive art supplies bought from the art store in order to create exciting artwork. […]

Painting Curriculum 1: Types of Paint

This video explains the various types of paint: oil, acrylic, flashe acrylic, encaustic, casein, mixed media, fresco, outdoor paints, egg tempera, air brush, ink, enamel, oil bars, gouache, acryl gouache, and watercolor. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch, who outline part 1 of our painting curriculum for self-taught artists.  […]

Why Did You Light Your Painting on Fire?

By: Monika Hedman I often get asked why I use unconventional materials in my artwork. I paint with instant coffee grounds and sand, and I sculpt with recycled pallets and plastic shopping bags.  Seventeen years ago, Heinz released a line of brightly colored ketchup called “EZ Squirt.” As much as I loved drawing on paper, I loved […]

Art Supplies on a Budget: Get Away With Paying Less

By: Olivia Hunter Buying art supplies for my classes at Parsons School of Design can be quite an ordeal. All art and design students have to endure many trips to the nearest art supply store for their classes; it’s just a part of life at an art school. Whenever I take a trip to Blick, I’m usually pleasantly […]

Creative DIY Home Art Supplies

There’s a lot around the house that students can experiment with and incorporate into art projects. Here are some of our favorites. Paint materials • Drawing tools • 3D • Collage Paint materials Flower PetalsMost colored flower petals can be rubbed into paper to make lovely patches of color. TurmericMix turmeric with a bit of water and […]