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“I have been watching your videos for some time now and have to thank you for the valuable information you give so freely! I am from South Africa and in my fourth year of a B Visual Arts program – BUT – I am doing it online and find it so difficult to access live art classes since I live in a town far from a city. I have found the tutorials on painting, drawing and character design so, so helpful, also the critiques.

We have virtually no support for the practical side and have to figure it out on our own. That is why Art Prof is so valuable to me! Once again, a big thank you to you and your team – may Art Prof go from strength to strength!

“I also relished every minute of your Taiwan video! I want to go there! You were so honest about the many challenges of travel sketching, even as you made gorgeous pages. While I am at it, I am appreciative of the video with tips for setting up a still life. You really covered the topic in a way I have not seen. You and the team are doing great work and I tell everyone I know about Art Prof.”

“As a first year teacher—transitioning from the private sector— I look for those who are inspirational in their approach to teach students. I’m always looking for those open ended questions to ask in the beginning of a lesson, as well as ways to keep my students engaged. Your approach to lessons, methodology, questioning, etc has been helpful. Thanks again!”

“I am from Tunisia. I joined the Art Prof Facebook group after I discovered the Art Prof Youtube videos which were very helpful for me. I don’t have an academic background in the Arts but I learn by myself on line and the critique videos help me a lot to learn more about the artistic process.”

“Art Prof has been so amazing for me. As a mother of a toddler and with another baby on the way, accessing art classes is really tricky. I’ve learnt a lot so far from Art Prof through doing the courses, watching Art Prof Live and participating in the art dares, and it made me feel like I was part of a larger global art community. The courses are of such high quality and I really appreciate all the ideas and inspiration I have gotten from it!”

“I love what you’re doing and I’d like to see Art Prof survive. You’re venturing into some fascinating territory. I love how Art Prof has maintained its heart and soul as you’ve launched and expanded.”

“I stumbled on your website today and was totally floored. Offering high quality art education for free is such a wonderful and generous thing to do. I watched many of the videos and enjoyed learning about you and your team. I can’t wait to dive in and do some projects. Thanks so much for creating Art Prof!”

“I’ve struggled a lot with creativity in my artwork (I tend to just copy photographs…) but your explanation has really transformed my approach to art, as well as my understanding of art in general! Thank you again for the time and effort put into answering each question, I’ve followed art accounts for a while and very rarely do I see a professor who helps the art community with such grace, honesty and detail.”

“I’m an art teacher working in Argentina and I find your videos and posts really useful. I’m so glad I’ve found your site. I love learning from other teachers, and you’ve become my new (far away) teacher. “

“This was critique was great for someone like me — I’m not in school and I haven’t really found a way to get thoughtful input on my art. And mostly when I’ve found someone who I trust to give input, it’s been about the actual painting process — while much of the input here was about concepts. So that was new, surprising, and interesting to me. Many of the critique comments highlight things I hadn’t explicitly thought about, so I am excited that pursuing these ideas may lead me to some interesting development. Thank you!”

“I live and teach in a rural area where campus art classes would require a four hour round trip, so access to professional advice looked rather dim until I discovered your Crit Quickies!”

Thanks for creating! It’s a godsend for someone like me who has no plans to get a formal degree in art, but still wants to achieve excellence in the field.”

I’m from the UK and the funding for art has been cut in many schools. So no teachers or supplies …its such a shame! So your channel is great for young people that might miss out on lessons in school. Also for oldies like myself that didn’t have a chance to take art when I was younger. I’m very excited because I’ve just bought a lamp so I can light my still life ! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making these excellent videos.”

“I’m very happy with the portfolio critique you sent me. A little bit surprised me, but the most important of your observations and recommendations confirmed what I had already suspected. So thank you for your thorough and thoughtful evaluation. I wish you were my professor in real life.”

This is an incredibly informative video with a nice flow and relaxed presentation that makes it super interesting to watch. You don’t feel the 50+ mins.”

“When I think of Prof Lieu and the Art Prof team, I always feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. I really appreciate all of your work and valuable guidance.”

“I am loving watching and listening to Prof Lieu‘s many videos and have started participating in the Draw Alongs. It is giving me the exposure I wished I had had… had I gone to art school. I have learned more than I can say in few words. Prof Lieu shows that there is always something to draw and it is possible to make the most mundane objects exciting. Prof Lieu seems to know what artists get hung up on…she reassures and encourages and pushes you on. She speaks to all the ‘should nots’ in an artists mind.”

“I’m a 12 year old artist and your videos seriously help me, no joke. Thank you so much, been watching for a very long while, and I’ve improved so much!!!”

“That was an amazing, insightful, oh-so-helpful critique of my work! I feel very energized and can’t wait to get to work exploring the suggestions that you have made. It was exactly what I was needing at this point in my development.  I so appreciate your generosity in sharing your expertise in this way.”

“I just wanted to thank you for making these critique videos! They are so phenomenally helpful. I am a junior In high school and I use these videos as guides for what colleges may look for. It is helpful to know what to avoid when I’m making a piece. Since I started watching these videos on your YouTube channel,  I have grown so much and actually put meaning into my work which I lacked before. Every time I see a new video I feel inspired to go out and create! So, genuinely, thank you SO much!”

“Thank you Prof Lieu for freely sharing your awesome knowledge and skills with the rest of the world. I am from South Africa and came across your advice and encouraging input on the Internet. I have made notes and refer to them often. Its amazing that someone would do much for others and care about each students progress in such a caring way. Thank you thank you and best wishes for all your plans ahead. Loving your posts and the small bits of important points you make in them.”

“Everything about this initiative seems so educational and helpful. It feels so good to finally have a platform where aspiring artists can get the exposure and information they need. Its truly inspiring.”

“When I think of Prof Lieu and the Art Prof team, I always feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. I really appreciate all of your work and valuable guidance.”

“Thank you so much for your encouraging words and constructive feedback. I’ve never had my work critiqued before so I was a bit apprehensive but you were all so well-meaning and gave me such good advice that I not only feel relieved but extremely grateful! I will keep coming back to the things you said to remember the many ways in which I can continue to expand and grow as an artist.”

“Hi, I’m sending this so you know how far your work is affecting teachers and students. I teach children with autism to draw through a recreation program. I am gearing up for how in the world I’m going to make that happen online. Art Prof makes it seem possible. Thank you!”

“Just want to say ….so glad Art Prof is on Youtube. I’ve tried other art channels but Art Prof is by far the best! The friendly, clear explanations. Interesting and insightgul tips and advice. Also all your team with their different personalities and the things they have to bring to the table! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hard work …it`s brilliant! ….. You feel like friends I am getting to know …I watch a little every day …please keep going!!!”

“Your videos really push me outside of my comfort zone! I only use graphite and charcoal to draw but after seeing this video I know I have to try using different materials which stresses me out but I’m also very excited to try something new.”

“The most helpful portrait tips video I’ve seen. Thank you for making this rich content available to us, you’re such an admirable teacher and artist.”

“Even though I’m not an artist, I really enjoy your videos. The narrative is so interesting and informative! Great work and I can’t wait to see the next one!”

“What all of you do everyday to showcase student work as well as give education and ideas to the artist community, is greatly appreciated. Thank you!”

“I have been watching and reading the various critiques that are on your site this past week and appreciate the consideration and specific advice that you provide in response to the various pieces. It’s clear how important it is to get thoughtful feedback.”

“Art Prof is 100% free professional high quality art instruction that demystifies visual art the way Khan Academy demystifies mathematics. Bookmark it and share it with your students.”

“I absolutely love Art Prof and have recommended it to friends – such a great idea, and a genuine, generous contribution to art education.”

“Thank you so, so much for such a thorough and honest critique. It is really difficult to find that sort of feedback. It is such a help to have a direction to explore.”

“I’ve been looking at your ‘Crit Quickies’, and I’ve gotta say, I think they are fabulous! I love the way you get right to the point. I’m learning a lot by listening to them.”

“Art Prof sounds almost too good to to be true!”

“I just wanted to thank you for the resources that you have created and put online. Since graduating from college, I have had a hard time making art. A year ago, I stumbled upon your blog and it has encouraged me to start make work again. It has been incredibly helpful to me to read and hear the questions of other young artists.”

“I am so grateful for your generosity offering such valuable tools to the public. Finding Art Prof has made a huge difference in my life. It’s a resource unlike any other online and it has inspired me to return to my work after a years of being away from it simply because I had no ‘connection’ to the art world.

“You are like my guru. I can’t wait to use your awesome Crit Quickies as class starter discussions in my AP Studio classes in the fall. Thank you for continuing to post it’s keeping my interest levels high during summer break so that I can build an even stronger program next school year!”

“I have to say, I’ve been in love with your videos, and you’re the reason I went to figure drawing night. This was my first time drawing at a figure drawing class in 20+ years.”

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