Teaching Color with Crayons: Tony Janello

RISD Adjunct Professor Tony Janello speaks to Art Prof Clara Lieu in his studio about his approach to color theory as an artist and professor, and a drawing technique he developed using Caran d’Ache Neocolor I crayons to create portrait drawings drawn from life. Janello explains common problems students encounter while studying color and presents […]

Art Prof Timed Drawing Videos

Practice your drawing skills with our timed drawing session videos! These videos makes drawing practice easy: get your drawing supplies and follow along as each pose plays with a timer. The videos have a variety of pose lengths, anything from 2 min. to 20 min. Want to do a longer drawing from one of these […]

Art YouTube Channels

Artist Channels James Gurney (painting)Jarrett J. Krosoczka (illustration)Belinda del Pesco (home printmaking) Art Prof’s Timed Drawing Exercises YouTube PlaylistAll Timed Drawing Videos Contemporary Art Channels PBS art21The Art AssignmentEvery Frame a PaintingKQED Art SchoolThe Nerdwriter Art Process Channels Baumgartner Restoration Art Publication Channels Art F CityArt ForumArtnetArtsy Brooklyn RailHyperallergic Art Gallery Channels Serpentine GalleriesGagosian GalleryVictoria […]

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Index Abstraction  Animals  Character Design  Figure  Illustration  Landscape  Portrait  Still Life Travel Abstraction Animals Character Design Figure  Illustration  Landscape  Portrait  Still Life Travel

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Index 3D  Animation  Collage  Comics  Digital  Drawing  Painting  Printmaking  3D  Animation  Collage  Comics  Digital  Drawing  Painting  Printmaking 

Manga Books

Usagi Yojimbo, Stan SakaiTomie, Junji ItoRemina, Junji ItoVenus in the Blind Spot, Junji ItoShiver, Junji ItoSmashed, Junji ItoUzumaki, Junji ItoAkira, Katushiro OtomoPluto, Naoki UrasawaMonster, Naoki UrasawaA Bride’s Story, Kaoru MoriTekkon Kinkreet, Taiyo MatsumotoGon, Masashi TanakaPhoenix, Osamu TezukaBlack Jack, Osamu TezukaBuddha, Osamu TezukaOde to Kirihito, Osamu TezukaAstro Boy, Osamu TezukaUzumaki, Junji Ito Dragonball, Akira ToriyamaThe Rose […]

Staff Art Book Picks

A mix of inspirational, educational and just fun books to nurture your developing artist. Prof Lieu’s Top Picks Jordan’s Top Picks Lauryn’s Top Picks Prof Lieu & Jordan’s Pick Prof Lieu’s Top Picks Jordan’s Top Picks Lauryn’s Top Picks As a free educational source, Art Prof uses Amazon affiliate links (found in this page) to help […]

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A comprehensive list of useful art resources.

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Index Art School Portfolios  Artist Wellness Artistic Process BFA Programs Business & Selling Careers Copyright Critiques Art School Portfolios  Artist Portfolios  Artworks  MFA Portfolios Discussion MFA Programs Promotion Art School Portfolios Artist Wellness Artistic Process BFA Programs Business & Selling Careers Copyright Critiques Discussion MFA Programs Promotion

MFA & Post-Baccalaureate Programs

MFA Programs Columbia University Yale University Cornell University SAIC Bard, Curatorial Studies Syracuse University Vermont College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts Mass College of Art SMFA/Tufts Boston University RISD MICA University of PA NY Academy of Art Hunter College Low Residency MFA Programs Burren College of Art Hartford Art School, Illustration Lesley Art […]

Art Prof Reference Photo Collection

Art Prof offers a wide selection of high resolution photos you can download and use freely as reference for your art. We ask that you credit Art Prof when you use our photo references for your art. All photographs in the collection are shot by Prof Lieu with a DSLR Canon Rebel camera. Prof Lieu […]

Art Prof Slideshows

Our live streams have custom made slideshows that provide images from art history and contemporary art and text slides related to the topic of the stream. For many people, the slideshows are a great resource to use in conjunction with the video. The slideshows are an effective way to review the content after watching the […]

Art Prof YouTube Playlists

Our playlists on YouTube group together related videos together so you can easily access videos on the same topic. So many topics overlap and it’s a great way to get a comprehensive look at a topic or a technique. Subject AbstractionAnatomyAnimalsComicsClothingFigure DrawingFigure ModelingHandsLandscapePortraitSelf-Taught ArtistsStill LifeUrban Sketching Professional Development Business/SellingExhibiting ArtSelf-Promotion Drawing Resources Timed Drawing Sessions […]

Art Videos & Films

Art History Films Andrei Rublev (1966)At Eternity’s Gate (2018)Artemisia (1997)Camille Claudel (1988)Caravaggio (1986)Carrington (1995)Chi-hwa-seon/Painted Fire (2002)Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of LightningEdvard Munch (1974)Frida (2002)Girl With a Pearl Earring (2003)Goya’s Ghosts (2006)Grandma Moses (1950)Loving Vincent (2017)Lust For Life (1956)The Monuments Men (2014)Mr. Turner (2014)My Left Foot (1989)The Mystery of Picasso (1956)Nightwatching (2007)Séraphine (2008)Utamaro and His […]

Educational Books

Inspiration Creativity, Inc. (Pixar)Calvin & Hobbes 10th AnniversaryTell Me Something GoodStarting Point, H. MiyazakiTurning Point, H. Miyazaki Prompts Draw It with Your Eyes ClosedYou Are an Artist Memoirs The Art Spirit, Robert HenriOld In Art School, Nell PainterBreaking Ground, Daniel Libeskind Self-Care The Artist’s Guide, J. BattenfieldArt, Inc., L. CongdonThe Artist’s Way, J. CameronART/WORK: Everything […]