Children’s Book Illustration Portfolio Critique

This video is a critique of a children’s book illustration portfolio by Mary Ryazantseva, providing a detailed critique of the overall portfolio, followed by critiques for each individual artwork. Aspects of the entire portfolio and artworks are identified, and recommendations for concrete strategies for how to make progress are made. Critique led by Teaching Artist […]

Fantasy Illustration: Creatures Track

Our Fantasy Illustration: Creatures Track will provide ideas and techniques that will push you to invent fantasy creatures using a range of references and resources. We’ll cover brainstorming, how to use reference images to create convincing creatures, and essential techniques like texture, skeletal structures, lighting, color, and more. This track is excellent for anyone interested […]

Fantasy Illustration: Creatures Premium Track

The Fantasy Illustration: Creatures Premium Track will explore fundamentals and techniques which are specific to inventing creatures. All of the skills covered in this track are applicable to illustration, animation, children’s books, comics, concept art, painting, and more. You’ll dig deep into brainstorming and design strategies to create distinct, believable creatures. The curriculum we will […]

Photoshop: Caterpillar Illustration

See how to create an original illustration from the initial brainstorming stages all the way to the completed digital painting in Photoshop. This video discusses basic techniques in Photoshop for drawing thumbnail sketches, blocking in colors, shading, creating a convincing sense of light and shadow, and details. Also included is a demonstration of how to […]

Ballpoint Pen & Watercolor: Imagined Environment

This video shows how to draw an environment from imagination using ballpoint pen and watercolor techniques. Diverse experiences, gathering reference images and objects serve as the inspiration for creating this imaginary environment Shown is a plein air drawing session on site using soft pastels, a trip to the grocery store to buy unusual looking produce, […]

Illustration Portfolio Critique

Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artist Alex Rowe critique an illustration portfolio by Julie Kitzes. They provide a detailed critique of the overall portfolio, followed by critiques for each individual artwork. Prof Lieu and Alex highlight what aspects of the entire portfolio and artworks are working well, and recommend concrete strategies for how to […]

Pen & Ink Wash Illustration

Teaching Artist Alex Rowe shows how to brainstorm, research, sketch, and complete an illustration based on a historical event from the colonial era in America. Alex talks about how to come up with an idea for an illustration. He takes a trip to the library to research a story about sheep in colonial America. Another […]

Digital Illustration Portfolio Critique

This video critiques a digital illustration portfolio by Bryan Voell, providing an overview of the body of work, followed by critiques for each individual artwork. Topics explored in this video include achieving a broader range of textures in digital media, how to push the full potential of what a background can offer, artwork titles, and […]

Multi-Color Linoleum Printmaking

This video shows multi-color linoleum block printing techniques from beginning to end, in order to create an editorial illustration. The process begins by brainstorming ideas from an article in the New York Times, and then transitions into drawing a mind map and into drawing thumbnail sketches. Techniques for carving into the linoleum are done, showing […]

Intro to Gouache Painting

This video comprehensively covers the fundamentals of painting with gouache by showing the process of painting a book cover illustration based on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Watch the 30 second version Watch the 42 min. version The process begins by shooting reference photos at a graveyard in Concord, MA, moving on […]

Illustration Curriculum

The complete Illustration Curriculum for Self-taught Artists is a series of 2 videos. The Curriculum’s document is a complementary resource for both videos. Illustration Part 1 What is Illustration Political Cartoons Children’s Books Adult Books Editorial Illustration Comics Text + Image Wordless Books Formats & Measurements Skills Brainstorming Background & Composition Human Figure Animals Illustration Part 2 […]

Illustration Curriculum 2

This video outlines part 2 of an illustration curriculum for self-taught artists. Topics covered include art media that is conducive to the turnover rate for illustration jobs, prompts you can assign yourself to practice your illustration skills, how the contemporary illustration industry works, as well as books, blogs, websites, and Instagram accounts that are great […]

Illustration Curriculum 1

This video provides a comprehensive illustration curriculum for self-taught artists. In part 1, topics explained include the various areas of the illustration industry: children’s books, editorial, comics, political cartoons, adult books, and more. Illustration prompts you can give yourself are covered as are illustration websites and conferences. Essential skills illustrators need such as linear perspective, […]