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Join us live on YouTube where we demo techniques and discuss anything from pro development, wellness, contemporary art, and more.

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  • Tuesdays @ 12pm EST
  • Fridays @ 10pm EST
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Schedule Updates

  • This schedule is subject to change.
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Discord Stage Session
Discord stage session

Discord live chats after streams

  • Live streams are followed by a live chat in our Discord.
  • Share art you made if the stream was a draw along.
  • We do not critique personal artwork. (we do in our Patreon group)
  • You can ask us a question we didn’t get to on the live stream.
  • Meet us in #post-live-streams
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Discord stage sessions after streams

  • Some live streams are followed by a stage session in our Discord.
  • You can chat with our staff on voice or type your question.
  • We do not critique personal artwork.
  • Meet us in #post-live-streams-stage.
  • Watch a sample stage session.
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July 2024

Tues July 23 @ 12pm EST

Art News
Prof Lieu

Mixed Media Acrylic Painting, Lauryn, banner

Fri July 26 @ 10pm EST

Chill Q&A
Prof Lieu

Tues July 30 @ 12pm EST

June Art Dare entries + August announcement
Prof Lieu

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