Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling is an easy, effective visual exercise. You can do it on a regular basis as a refreshing way to renew your artistic thinking and process. This video talks about different techniques for creating mixed media collages in a visual journal. It includes: searching for imagery in art magazines, using photo copies from books, […]

Drawing in China

The Art Prof team travels to Guangzhou, China where they draw on site using alcohol based markers, water based brush pens, felt tip pens, and mixed media collage to show the urban sketching process from beginning to end. Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Eloise Sherrid, Casey Roonan, and Lauryn Welch discuss the challenges […]

Abstract Acrylic Painting Compositions

See how to begin and develop an abstract painting composition with acrylic paints, starting with collage as a prompt,  from beginning to end. This video demos the process of how to come up with an idea for an abstract painting, determining the tools and techniques to be used, and how to layer and push the […]

Sketchbook Prompts 2

How do you start a page in your sketchbook when you don’t know what to draw, or feel unmotivated? (or both!) See a drawing demo which provides several prompts for how to get your creative juices flowing. Contrary to the sketchbooks you see on Instagram, real artist sketchbooks are a mess, full of scraps of […]

Painted Paper Collage

PromptUse hand painted paper collage to create a portrait of your room, or, any room where you live. Supplies Acrylic paint Freezer paper Palette knife Acrylic brushes China bristle brush Bristol board Scissors Glue stick X-acto knife Mod podge 9″ x 12” Strathmore mixed-media paper Caution Utility Knives & X-Acto knives are extremely sharp and […]