Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling is an easy, effective visual exercise. You can do it on a regular basis as a refreshing way to renew your artistic thinking and process. This video talks about different techniques for creating mixed media collages in a visual journal. It includes: searching for imagery in art magazines, using photo copies from books, stickers and rubber stamps. The video also shows drawing approaches using gel pens and various markers to create a cohesive visual statement in your visual journal. Demo led by Teaching Artist Lauryn Welch and Art Prof Clara Lieu.

Video Walkthrough

  • Visual journaling provides a space for creative freedom.
  • Color can be an effective way to create a mood.
  • Capture little moments in life with your visual journaling.
  • Use a broad range of materials.
  • Collage materials, rubber stamps, markers, pens, and more.
  • A variety of cutting tools provides more options with collage.
  • Stickers are fast and fun to apply.
  • Layering materials creates dynamic compositions.
  • With magazines, don’t just look for recognizable images, pieces that are patterns or abstract colors are great.
  • Play with the layout of your collage, move the pieces around before you glue them down.
  • Add the date to each page in your visual journal.

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