Artist Books: Lotus & Meandering Folds

Handmade artist books are lovely objects that can be very three-dimensional with techniques like the lotus fold and meandering fold. This video demonstrates these two book folding techniques, which include book covers, archival book glue, paper, specialized tools like a bone folder, and more. The end result is a beautiful handmade artist book which you can use for sketching, drawing, illustration, painting, and more. Demo by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Guest Teaching Artist Caffrey Fielding.

Video Walkthrough

  • What is a meandering fold?
  • What is a lotus fold?
  • There are many options for book covers.
  • Be sure to figure out your measurements before you cut!
  • PVA glue is archival glue.
  • Bone folders are terrific for making neat creases in paper and evening out papers glued to a board.
  • Binder’s board is really difficult to cut, take your time.
  • Creating the individual lotus folds, and assembling them together.
  • Meandering folds are very flexible, you can make them go in any direction.
  • Meandering folds can be a spiral, a zig zag, and more.
  • Combine the meandering and lotus folds to create a new fold.
  • How to fix corner pieces in the book cover to get neat technique.

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