Digital Tool Recommendations

Table of Contents video Photography Graphic Design / Vector Animation Digital Painting After Effects After Effects “I use After Effects for animations that are too long or complicated to be done in Photoshop. I would make assets like characters and backgrounds in Photoshop and then import them into After Effects. The application has a lot […]

Teaching Color with Crayons: Tony Janello

RISD Adjunct Professor Tony Janello speaks to Art Prof Clara Lieu in his studio about his approach to color theory as an artist and professor. They discuss a drawing technique Tony developed using Caran d’Ache Neocolor I crayons to create portrait drawings drawn from life. Janello explains common problems students encounter while studying color and […]

10 min. Art Prompts

This videos provides simple art prompts that can be done in literally 10 minutes so self-taught artists can jump start their studio art practice. These are prompts are easy, accessible, and quick to start with bare bones art supplies. Sometimes the toughest part of the creative process is getting started. These prompts will get your […]

Art Prompts List

Animation • Sketchbook • 3D • Drawing • Painting • Photo & Film • Character Design • Collage & Printmaking Animation Prompts Sketchbook Prompts 3D Prompts Drawing Prompts Painting Prompts Digital/Photo/Film Prompts Character Design & Comics Collage & Printmaking

What You Need To Know to Teach Art Online

This video explains best practices for teaching studio art online that can be applied to any teaching context. Topics address include how to choose your online platforms, the high impact of streaming live video, generational gaps between how teachers and students use the Internet, and more. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu. Video Walkthrough […]

Creative DIY Home Art Supplies

There’s a lot around the house that students can experiment with and incorporate into art projects. Here are some of our favorites. Paint materials • Drawing tools • 3D • Collage Paint materials Flower PetalsMost colored flower petals can be rubbed into paper to make lovely patches of color. TurmericMix turmeric with a bit of water and […]

Set up, Equipment & Software to Live Stream

Essential equipment Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic Most people don’t realize that good audio quality is MORE important than good video quality. Poor audio can cause people to stop watching, whereas most people are willing to tolerate moderate quality video. Logitech C922x Pro Stream WebcamUse a rubber band to attach the webcam to the mic […]

OBS Studio Tutorial for Art Demos

OBS Studio is free software that can be used to create a customized layouts for an online, hands on art demo. This video explains how to organize and set up scenes in OBS in a manner that is streamlined and efficient. Topics covered include the variety of sources OBS provides, how to add multiple camera […]

How to Set up a Live Stream Art Demo

With many schools teaching art remotely, Art Prof Clara Lieu explains how to do an art demo online. Prof Lieu explains the pros and cons of doing live demonstrations vs. pre-recorded demonstrations. This video provides detailed information about options for equipment to purchase and how to create a set up including light, a mic, a […]

Class Group Critique

Art Prof Clara Lieu demonstrates how to run a group art critique in a classroom. For every art teacher, leading art critiques during an art class is an ongoing challenge. Every student, every artwork, and every art critique is different. Art students have their own challenges as participants in a group critique, how do you […]

How to Critique Art

Critique is a fundamental part of the artistic process, providing artists an opportunity to get a fresh pair of eyes on their artwork. This video explains concrete, practical strategies that both art teachers and art students can apply to group critiques in the classroom. Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Cat […]

How To Photograph Your 2D & 3D Art

This video provides a comprehensive look at how to photograph your 2D & 3D artwork, showing common problems and with practical techniques to achieve photos that will accurately represent your artwork. Having high quality photos of your artwork is more important today than ever: you need photos of your artwork for your website, social media, […]

Discord for Classes

Using Discord in the Classroom Use the Art Prof Discord to get to know Discord before your class begins! Join in on our conversations and you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with how Discord works, how conversations flow and what types of interactions are possible. You don’t want your first interactions on Discord to be […]

Art Prof Reference Photo Collection

Art Prof offers a wide selection of high resolution photos you can download and use freely as reference for your art. FAQ Can I really use these photos for free? Yes! All of our photos on Flickr are labeled under Creative Commons as Attribution 2.0 Generic. This requires that you credit Art Prof when you use our photos. […]

Art Prof Slideshows

Our live streams have custom made slideshows that provide images from art history and contemporary art and text slides related to the topic of the stream. Table of Contents For many people, the slideshows are a great resource to use in conjunction with the video. The slideshows are an effective way to review the content […]

Art Prof YouTube Playlists

Table of Contents Our playlists on YouTube group together related videos together so you can easily access videos on the same topic. So many topics overlap and it’s a great way to get a comprehensive look at a topic or a technique. Art Fields artists printmaking conference Art School prof lieu art Teaching Art Art […]