How to Set up a Live Stream Art Demo

With many schools teaching art remotely, Art Prof Clara Lieu explains how to do an art demo online. Prof Lieu explains the pros and cons of doing live demonstrations vs. pre-recorded demonstrations, and provides detailed information about options for equipment to purchase and how to create a set up including light, a mic, a webcam, and more.

Video Walkthrough

  • Live video vs. Pre-recorded videos​ 
  • How to do a live stream demo
  • Discord: chat forum
  • ​Overview of physical setup with equipment
  • Equipment to avoid
  • How to get the right camera angle
  • Common Problems
  • Video exposure & focus
  • Open Broadcast Software (OBS)
  • Set up before a live stream
  • YouTube privacy settings 


List of equipment for set up.

Software: OBS Studio

Learn more, watch the OBS Studio Tutorial for Art Demos video.