OBS Studio Tutorial for Art Demos

OBS Studio is free software that can be used to create a customized layouts for an online, hands on art demo.

This video explains how to organize and set up scenes in OBS in a manner that is streamlined and efficient.

Topics covered include the variety of sources OBS provides, how to add multiple camera views, and more. Discussion by Art Prof Clara Lieu.

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Video Walkthrough

  • What is OBS?
  • Advantages of OBS​ 
  • Zoom is not for live streaming
  • Connecting OBS to YouTube
  • How to pre-record a video on OBS
  • Guests on a live stream
  • Streamyard vs. OBS 
  • How “scenes” in OBS work 
  • How to resize, crop, drag an image 
  • Can you live stream on Discord?
  • Hot keys to control image slideshows
  • How to add a video clip
  • “Transform” OBS sources: flip, rotate, reset, stretch, etc.
  • Shortcuts for OBS scenes
  • Reordering your OBS scenes
  • Storing frequently used sources
  • How to copy and paste sources into different scenes
  • Organize list of sources with colors
  • What to avoid in video layouts
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