5 Tips for a Home Art Studio

Here are 5 tips for setting up an effective art studio at home, explaining methods for creating an alert, productive mindset in place for the home studio as well as practical aspects such as keeping your space clean and functional.

Discussion led by Art Prof Clara Lieu and Teaching Artists Lauryn Welch & Alex Rowe.

Foot Sculpture in Plastilene, banner
Sculpting a Foot in Clay

Video Walkthrough

  • Protect your surfaces
    • Good barrier options
    • Proper work clothing
  • Make your artist studio cozy
    • Necessities
    • Studio snacks
    • Differentiate paint water from beverages!
  • Set the mood
    • Art Prof Spotify
    • Incense & good lighting
    • Avoid distractions
  • Let your studio pick the art material
    • Plan the size and material
    • A new medium may surprise you
  • Simulate a commute
    • Create a routine
    • Online sources for figure drawing
    • Draw your pets, friends 
    • Draw things that move

Prof Lieu’s Tips

I always tell myself that the first 20 min of drawing when I’m in the studio “don’t count.” So similar to doing stretches for a while before I work out! That helps take off the pressure so I can get into the process.

Drawing Studio Banner

Drawing truly is a very physical process and it really does take time to warm up and get sharp.