Alex Rowe

I am an illustrator and barista currently in Denver, Colorado. I always had a pencil in my hand growing up, drawing cartoon characters and comics with friends and siblings.

I followed these interest as I earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on illustration and children’s books.

After graduation, I struggled to find my place in the art world and began working as a barista to make ends meet; in doing so, I found a revitalized interest in the kind of work I wanted to make and a second career that led me to meet wonderful clients and art connections in Denver and Houston.

Currently, I am preparing for future gallery shows and a comic book, and applying for graduate programs in psychology where I want to learn how best to work with artists and creatives on issues of mental health.

Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

Watercolor,Gouache, Acrylic, Pencil, Ink Wash, Pen

Artist Statement

I have always been interested in fantasy as a way to not only escape, but to prepare us for challenges in life.

Focusing on narrative elements in fiction and history, I aim to make work to recognize the difficulties of life while at the same time providing a sense of wonder and distance from our real world.

My images are geared towards middle-grade readers to adult audiences, displaying works of mystery, curiosity, and whimsy.

My primary medium is gouache, supplemented with watercolor and acrylic work as well.