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Art Prof Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

Prof Lieu
a.k.a Clara Lieu


I am the founder of Art Prof and was previously an Adjunct Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design for 14 years. I have received artist grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. I lecture widely and train faculty in remote learning. My work has been exhibited at the International Print Center New York, the Currier Museum of Art, and others.

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Teaching Artists

Illustrator & Comics Artist

Cat Huang


I’m an educator, art director, and storyteller, currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. I have held various art positions across industries, from being an Associate Art Director at Airbnb to a Teaching Artist here at Art Prof. 

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Lauryn Welch


I live in Brooklyn, New York, and am currently an MFA student at Hunter College. I’ve taught studio art at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Peterborough Art Academy, and the RISD Pre-College Program. For several years, I was the gallery manager and curator for the Sharon Arts Gallery in New Hampshire. 

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Painter & Performance Artist

Concept Artist & Illustrator

Online Portfolio

Jordan McCracken-Foster


I am a concept/visual development artist currently based in San Francisco. I primarily work in the animation industry, and my most recent project was at DreamWorks TV Animation working as a Lead Character Designer on one of their upcoming projects.

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Alex Rowe


I am an illustrator and barista currently in Houston, Texas. I always had a pencil in my hand growing up, drawing cartoon characters and comics with friends and siblings. I followed these interest as I earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on illustration and children’s books.

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Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

Filmmaker & Animator

Deepti Menon


I am an animator and actor living in NYC. Growing up, I always felt the most inspired when I was doing something creative — painting, sculpture, theater, etc! This led me to pursue the visual arts in higher education, and I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Film/Animation/Video. 

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Behind the scenes

Consultants & Directors

Tom Lerra
Co-founder, Technology & Strategy Consultant

Thomas Lerra

Director of Integrated Production, Designer, Filmmaker, & Animator

Alex Hart


Web Admin

D. Martins

Mia Rozear
Production Assistant

Mia Rozear
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