Dorian Epps

I am a designer and curator living in Providence. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA before I moved to attend Rhode Island School of Design for Industrial Design.

Growing up I always envied great storytellers and visual artists, and it became a goal of mine to learn how to tell stories through a wide variety of ways. Lately I have been enjoying the process of making wearables and apparel!

I draw, animate, sculpt, sew, I like to do it all! However, the importance of being well rounded is highlighted in my work because I am able to draw from all that I have learned and experimented with.

If I’m not making work or thrifting for materials I am dancing or playing basketball or Mario kart. Maybe even talking about Avatar the Last Air Bender, (if you know you know) or my love for movies like Spider-verse and Coco.

Looking forward to showing everyone the power of materials and experimentation with processes!

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Fashion, Sculpture, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Printmaking, Animation

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Artist Statement

My love for basketball and footwear have inspired me to design and establish a sportswear and streetwear brand — Blacktop Market — that aims to highlight the intersections of basketball and sport in everyday life and culture.

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Through my creative endeavors I seek to explore the capabilities of storytelling and the connectedness of people.

My aim is to explore and produce events and products that create and emphasize identity and community.

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